Saturday, January 28, 2012


For all of you who find yourself confused with which landon I am dating..let me clarify and explain the story. Haha. About 5 months ago I was dating another boy named landon..we had been dating just a little under a year when we decided that it was time to slow things down a bit and focus on more important things. It wasn't easy at all. in fact, both of us fought the idea for a long time. This boy was my best friend and I wasnt sure how I was going to do it without him. I cried for was as if part of me was missing. It was one of the hardest things id gone through in a while. We weren't perfect. We fought, we broke each others trust, we hurt each other, and we put each other down..part of me wishes I could take back all the mistakes made, but then again it was those mistakes that led me here...

with the man of my dreams. Landon Kade Christensen. Landon and I have been dating for just under 5 months and I honestly couldnt be happier:) dont get me wrong...the first couple months were WAY rocky and to be honest, I didnt think we'd last. He'd just come out of a relationship that was slightly disfunctional, and I was still trying to get over my last was hard. We both were not in the best place and that made it hard to be patient with each other. Though in the moment it seemed as if id made a mistake being with him, I look back on those first couple months as a blessing. We were put in each others lives for a reason, and I see why now. We needed each other. And it was that need that brought us so close together. We are two completely different people from 5 months ago. And we only have each other to thank:) landon is currently working on starting his mission papers and I honestly could not be more proud of him! He recently just got back from Nicaragua with his brothers water bottle company called, People Water, drilling wells for little towns that dont have any clean drinking water. He's killing it at film:) He's planning a trip for Spain within the next few weeks with his cousin Corey--so jealous;) and he recently just moved out! Landon has such a good heart and I envy his relationship with his family. They mean the world to him, as they do to me. They are such good people and so welcoming and loving to me:) I am so close to every one in his family and it makes me feel so good! My family adores Landon and is so proud of his desicion to serve a mission:) as for me, I plan to attend college, continue to work, and faithfully write landon while he serves the lord for 2 years! And after that? well, we will have to wait and see what happens next..;)


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