Friday, January 20, 2012

Summer with the dewey's!

This is honestly the summer I have been waiting for, for my entire life. . I'll FINALLY be graduated, moved out, and I get to just go on vacations with all of my best friends, Landon Kade, Natalie Anne, McKlendon Rockwell, and Joseph Thomas! We're wanting to go to either California or Florida. I honestly could care less where we go, as long as we get the H out of Utah for a while and I get to spend time with my best friends:) It's so crazy, the more I talk about it with my parents and friends the more weird it feels that i'll be out of the house and on my own in less than 5 months! Growing up, you count down the days till you can move out and be on your own, and you don't really stop to think about the responsibility that comes with your freedom. No one is going to be there to tell me what to do, when to come home, to go to church, what kind of people to surround myself with, and it's kind of scary to think that it will all be on ME. But I am so excited and ready for this experience. Here are my goals for what I need to do before graduation:

To Do:
-Keep up on grades and attendance
-Decide which apartments to live in
-Keep working at ME crepes:)
-Apply for college
-Save up money
-Buy a car
-Keep a good relationship with family
-Be a good Girlfriend to Landon Kade
-Be a good friend


-Move out     
-Get a car
-Go on at least one road trip with my best friends
-Go to the beach
-Buy a beach cruiser
-Film EVERYTHING we do.
-Make breakfast in bed for Landon Kade
-Walk on the beach with Landon Kade
-Take TONS of pictures.
-Go on a picnic
-Go boating/tubing
-Go camping with friends in the wild
-Decorate my house cute
-Go on a bike ride
-Run every morning
-Lemonade stand
-Go to the lake
-Go to Oregon:)
-Camp fire
-Go to Hawaii
-Go to a place I've never been
-Have a food fight
-Lots of movie nights!
-Buy Landon and I a pet fish
-Hot air balloon
-Six flags
-Hells roller coasters

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  1. Dude.. Im so stoked for summer.
    Our little house is going to be so freaking cute!!
    And our friend trip. ahh! Im so pumped.