Thursday, February 16, 2012

the times i have the most to say
are the times that i cant talk.

so...speak ONLY when it improves the silence

i've found myself having less and less to say lately.
frankly, its been scaring the SHIT out of me.
i've had to question myself a few times, "do i even care?"
but i've realized, some of the most important feelings and comments are left unsaid. because sometimes, you just can't quite get it out the way you would want to. so you just never say it..

could be a good thing, could be bad. but in my opinion, say how you feel. find the most perfect way to say it, wait for the perfect moment and get it out.but remember, not all feelings have to be shared verbally. silence is not all bad. some of the greatest emotions are shared through silence. a sweet kiss. a genuine smile. a hard gaze into someones eyes. and some of the most genuine love and emotions can be shared through silence.

         >>>>>>>>>>as john mayer once said<<<<<<<<<<

         "say what you need to say"

say it. mean it. do not regret it.

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