Wednesday, March 28, 2012

.L A N D O N K A D E C H R I S T E N S E N.
my best friend is leaving me for 4 WHOLE DAYS. kill me..i hate having to part from this boy. he's my other half! looks like i'll be picking up any possible extra shifts this nothing else to do! ha just kidding..i'll probably play with the homies (mcklendon, joey, cass:)), play with morgan for a little bit and then go over to the christensen's home and play with my second family:) love them.

i think what i hate the most about having to part with landon, is that i hate the thought of something happening while he's gone. like getting in an accident, or waking up and realizing that what we said to each other, our last words, were the last thing we'd remember with each other.

i know it seems so gay, cause its only FOUR DAYS. come on girl..but in all reality..think if something WERE to happen. think if we got in a huge screaming yelling fight and said things we didn't mean, and then he left. and then something happened and i could never take it back or vice versa.

its kind of an eye opener actually...anything could happen any day. i think it is so stupid to get in a fight, leave, and not resolve things till the next day. you should never leave mad at each other. no matter what! because wanting to leave and get out of the situation is a defense mechanism that is so temporary. and you will regret it, especially if something bad were to happen to either of you.

its so important to do EVERYTHING out of love and respect. even when you disagree. if you truly loved someone, you would do EVERYTHING in your power to make sure things are right. to make sure the other person is happy and to make sure that no matter what happens, things are resolved. 'true love, never ends'. and as long as both of you are fighting for it, why should it have to?

the second one person stops working at it, is when you know its not meant to both should be giving 110%, 100% of the time.

alright i'm starting to ramble on and on..i get like this when landon leaves me...i start to over think and shizzz. ha NOT GOOD. breath in<------- breath out-------> welp! till next time.


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