Wednesday, March 14, 2012

___________<<<<>>>>the blonde&the brunette<<<<>>>>___________

  best friends<<<<>>>>basically sisters

yesterday natalie and i worked together. . and i honestly haven't laughed that hard in a looooong time! i missed her. this girl and i have been best friends for 10 crazy years! she is my other half. no other person in this world (land and danny you're getting there:)) understands me more than natalie. she knows what i'm going to say before i say it, knows exactly how i'm feeling without me even having to say anything, and knows exactly the type of things that get on my nerves by just the slight change in my mood. everyone gets mixed up with our voices including, my own boyfriend, mine and natalies own parents, best friends, teachers, siblings etc. we've been around  each other for so long that our mannerisms are almost identical..

natalie and i can communicate through our minds  i swear! hahah one look, and we just spoke a thousand words! somehow natalie and i got put into the wrong family up there. but its okay cause i consider this girl to be one of my sisters.  we must have been best friends in the life before...because by some miracle i moved to orem, down the street, met natalie, had the same "best friend" since we were three, dropped the best friend (low blow i know), and we've been best friends ever since. i love this beautiful girl more than anything and adore and look up to her more than anyone in this world. && i have her back, so break her heart, and watch yours. i would do anything for her. i love her with my whole entire soul. best friends for life, best friends for eternity.

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  1. oh oh ohhh! The car ride home was the best part, I think.. Nah wait.. The comment that i made in the back room that you heard from the front.. haha and you started laughing-- and we both knew exactly what i was talking about, and you heard it loud and clear along with the rest of the ME crepes store. Oh boy are we best friends R WHAT! These pictures are perfect. Thanks.. I need to blog about you, you little sweet pure cutey thing!