Friday, March 23, 2012

W H A T it do?
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third term ended today. what a freaking RELIEF..don't ask me how i passed every class with A's and B's...its a m i r a c l e. for real. this week has been an interesting one.i catered my first wedding on tuesday, it was way fun actually..i love my job! i love what i do, who i work with. what could be better? landon and i had a really good talk on wednesday. love those:) yesterday i worked. and then landy came and picked me up on his new bike! it is honestly the hottest thing in the's a Yamaha V star 750. couldn't tell you one thing about it..ha other than it's hot, and 10 times hotter when he's on it. he is stoked on life right now. we're taking a ride all over town today and making a sick edit of our adventure! i am stoked! with motorcycles and warm weather comes SPRING! and with spring, comes spring fling. the dance is tonight. i'm going with my cute little brother, hannah goo, and my brothers friend. it should be way fun:)mikeys first dance/date awww. he's growing up!

speaking of warm weather, spring, motorcycles...i'm pretty sure we could add the word S U M M E R in there somewhere. it is so close to being here i can't even wait! i seriously have to do things to keep my mind off of it, cause i get so excited that i get side tract from what i'm supposed to be doing and thats not always the best....leading me to the countdown. 42 days left of school!!! that is honestly the best news in the world for me right now. so i decided that right after graduation i am going to move in with my best friends natalie anne tueller, and danny lynn julian to natty's house, and then in the fall i'll move into Alpine Village with my other best friend morgan sorenson. i am so stoked! life is so good right now it's like...weird. but so good obvi. freak i love my friends. i went on a pre-summer shopping spree yesterday before work with han and natty and got some cute stuffsss...i'll post up some pictures stat. color fest is this weekend that should be way fun. fuuuuuhh i have to sing in sacrament on sunday....KILL ME! i honestly haven't even decided what i'm singing yet, so this should be interesting. i love payday..for real. there is no better feeling than knowing that there is money being put into my account and i can spend spend spend however i please. i'm going off dr. pepper and back onto lemonade..mmm. had my first one yesterday in a while. tasted great.i need to get a new car. i'm sick of driving around a piece..maybe i will just get a scooter and cruise around with landon all summer. or i'll just kick it on the back of his bike. yup. sounds good to me. i ordered thee cutest swimsuit from VS last night. many more to come. i love summer. well..i think that's all for now. till next time snitches.

love, demi

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