Wednesday, April 18, 2012

between the craziness of life's daily happenings.
between school.
between me and my boo.

you must find time for yourself.

you must find time in your busy schedule to just

{B E  S T I L L . . .}

i was sitting in my room a few nights ago. landon was in costa rica, and i was probably waiting for a call or an email letting me know that he was indeed still alive, and not eaten by a shark, [or better yet by some hungry costa rican!] when i realized how crazy life had been recently...and how i hadn't just sat and thought in so long. that i hadn't done ME for a while..

mcklendon and i came up with a list of c r a z y things that had happened just even in the past couple weeks. seriously, i didn't know that there could be so much news thrown at me in so little time! 

we all know the overwhelming feeling of the thought of how much needs to be done, things said and done to you, other peoples problems being somehow placed in your hands, etc. i mean, most of the time i feel like each of us have enough to worry about. it's weird to think that people find that as the most inviting time to place another obligation on your shoulders.......sorry! WRONG.

we each have to struggle through our own problems or we will never learn...after all isn't that why we are here in the first place? to learn? speaking of learning, feeling stressed, what a better way to relieve it then by reading the scriptures? while thinking of everything i had to do, and becoming very frustrated and overwhelmed i looked over and saw my scriptures sitting on my night stand, picked them up, dusted them off [i usually read from my phone] and opened them up randomly to this scripture:

1 Nephi 1:11-12

honestly perfect for me right now. seems kind of random, but it talks about the scriptures giving you answers and strength. and who doesn't need strength and answers when you are constantly questioning. i'm a senior in high school, i've been dating someone seriously now for almost 8 months, and life started 18 years ago..this is just when my decisions become permanent. why would you ever decide something life changing with out counsel?

anyway...this is getting loooong and personal.

did i mention i have 36 ARC's to do and an english credit to make up before graduation....if i calculate correctly, there are 30 days left of school.....36 > 30...uh yeah. im screwed! wish me luck! till next time snitches. later

love demi

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