Sunday, April 1, 2012


so i literally worked a 13 hour shift yesterday...kill me! i seriously could not walk by the end of the night. it was the worst. my paycheck better be HUGE. on the bright side i went to the Isaac Russel and Joshua James concert with my girls on friday it was so much fun! we stopped by j dawgs and sammy's for a shake before we waited in line at the valour to listen to them! best thing ever. they sounded so freaking good! they both were so sweet. we met and talked to joshua. he's a really nice guy. then surprise surprise, i went into work and closed with kristin. of course! i swear i live at that place lately... after that, i went and picked natalie up and went to her house. sat in my car and for a minute and then decided we were starving! so at 1:30 am we headed over to denny's and munched hard. had a skillet and a pomegranate smoothie..actually way good! then we went to bed. worked all day yesterday. my boss was a complete dick to me...what's new? and then i went home at 1:30 am and slept like a rock. now i'm over at my aunts house watching conference and eating hells food with all of my family:) not going to lie..this weekend has freaking blown without landon here! he didn't get to come to the concert with me, i didn't get to vent to him about work while he held me and kissed me, and i didn't get to watch conference with him:( i hate when he's out of's the worst feeling in the world. but he comes home today and i honestly CAN NOT WAIT! love this boy. well, that's pretty much all that went down this weekend. till next time stitches, later.


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