Monday, April 16, 2012

<<<F I N A L L Y>>>

its been 8 days.
192 long hours.
and a lot has happened.
so get ready for this post..

first off, i am pleased to announced that landon kade is on his way home! holy hell i missed my boo! i swear he leaves me every other week..NO MORE. it sucks so bad.

although, this spring break was filled with many adventurous nights, and lots of friends to enjoy them with, nothing would have been better than having landon join. after all, he is my very BEST FRIEND. 

while landon was enjoying the incredible sunsets and daily surf of costa rica, i sat at home, in orem/provo/SL UT and partook in what every other person did and simply, shopped, ate, danced, sang, drove, ate, slept, layed out, ate and im pretty sure thats all there is to do...

okay, don't get me wrong. i had a blast! i really did. i played with mcklendon, brett, hayden, mckell, danny and morgan every single day! and there honestly wasn't one dull moment:) we were constantly laughing and having a great time! i basically lived at alpine villiage for the weekend (thank you mckell and morgan) it was so much fun!

i spent W A Y too much money, laughed W A Y too hard, ate W A Y too much, but it was S O worth it!

i know this might sound bad, but i think its good for landon and i to get space from each other every once in a while.. it's like when you take a vacation with your best friend and you're staying in the same hotel room as them for a week, and you think it's going to be the best thing ever! and then you kind of get sick of each other after the third night and you just want to go home.

IM NOT SAYING I GET SICK OF LANDON. but sometimes it's good for relationships to take a breather and live your own lives for a week or two, whether it's in costa rica, or at home. hang out with those friends that you blow off constantly to be with your boo. hang out with your girls and talk about everything. it makes you appreciate them so much more when you realize how much you miss them and want to be with them, and they aren't there. it's also a good opportunity to show your true colors and to either gain or lose trust. show how loyal you really are/aren't.

you realize how often you may take them for granted, and how much better you could be to them! i'm grateful for time and space. it's a great thing. 

ummm kay. so i'm still in shock, i still don't believe it one bit, but i was informed last night at the dinner table that.. (drum roll please) MY MOTHER IS PREGNANT!! WTF? okay if you think this is the least bit normal, it most definitely is not! haha first of all, my youngest sibling is 14 years old, my mom is 41 years old and has a 22 year old...not okay! all i can do is seriously does not feel real..haha i'm sick..but excited at the same time. the names we have picked out are pretty cute i'm not going to lie..

if its a boy:
 (my moms pretty positive its a boy)

jaden blake kee
indie james kee
nolan james kee
 kai james kee
my dads ideas:

mon kee
don kee
spun kee

(real clever pops)
if it's a girl:

jayden blake kee
                        brooklyn marie kee (bry's vote. hate it)

we have some major work to do.


  1. NO WAY!! CONGRATS!! Welcome to my life!

  2. you have another one on its way?!:)