Tuesday, April 10, 2012

T. O. D. A. Y.
woke up

cleaned my room

did ALL of my laundry 


got ready for work

went to work

got sent home an hour later cause we weren't busy

made hayden a crepe

hayden picked me up

went to hayds and played with his new pup dakota:)

watched a little bit of a red sox game (of course)

landon called me and talked to me for a bit:) 

went to joey's

talked to his dad for days. funniest guy!

went to zupas, had a good talk.

went back to joes. had an even better talk;) hahah

ate hells candy

watched lie to me



went home


now its off to bed so i can start all over tomorrow

night snitches!

p.s. i miss my best friend landon kade. 1 day down, 7 more to go!

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