Wednesday, June 6, 2012

i don't know what's worse. 

waking up from a good dream and realizing it's not true...

or waking up from a horrible dream and realizing that it's true...

well the second one happened to me last night and it hurt. bad. you know the song, dreaming with a broken heart? yeah...i've dealt with that. i've dealt with dreaming that i won a million dollars and woken up to an empty wallet, or kissing someone that i'd wanted to for SO long and i wake up and it's not true..

see all of those things are fine to dream about, wanna know why? cause there is still a possibility that they could still happen. there's still time for you to grab that girl/boys face and kiss them like you mean it.

but when you dream about something happening that you wish would have never happened, and wake up to it being your reality, that's what crushes your world, that's what heart break feels like. the feeling of doing anything to take that reality away, to change it, to fall back asleep for another ten years so that you don't have to deal with the truth. that's what hurt is.

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