Sunday, June 3, 2012

i have four words to describe last night.



honestly, craziest night of my life. went to my first college party with danny, natalie, cooper, colton, tyler, dylan and tage. met some of the coolest guys, ran into some old friends that i haven't seen for DAYS (seth, felipe, and trevor) missed those boys! it'd been a good 2 years ha. got asked out on 5 dates! gave my number out to 10 too many men and am going boating tomorrow with a bunch of random guys i literally JUST met. cass is coming with and i am SO excited :) i think that is just what we both need right now. to do US. to forget about everything, meet new people and just have some fun! all of the guys were making fun of me so bad cause i just kept yelling, "i've never been single, i feel so unfaithful!!" truth is, there is no one i have to be faithful to anymore. it's just me. and whoever i want to talk to, or give my number to, or let kiss me at a wild dance party, or heck, let dance all up on me! haha it was SO much fun. and i look forward to a lot more summer nights like last night.

second order of business, i ran into THING. literally gagged when i saw her...i could barely even glare her down she made me sick to look at. scared her away though! didn't see her or her little minion the rest of the night. little secret --wish i would have. literally would've wrecked her. girls.....flippin hate em. all talk. not danny and i, no-sir-ee. don't mess.


i hope you are all having a wonderful sabbath day as myself, and continue to have a great week :) till next time,