Saturday, June 16, 2012

my greatest weakness of this life:

i trust way too much. love too often. and i let people hurt me way too easily.
you think you are being the bigger person by being honest with people. telling people what you are going through and trusting that now that they know how emotionally involved you are and how hurt you are, that they are on your side. that they understand enough to respect those feelings. boy was i wrong. seriously, i tell people WAY too much. and too often i give people the benefit of the doubt. screw that.
i'm so done with every single person here and their fake asses besides my family and TRUE homies.

natalie and i had been debating on whether or not to move and get away from all of this shit. 
well i've decided. 
one of ours i am moving to california.

good fucking ridance

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