Tuesday, June 12, 2012

one fine day...

this all seems so cliche and so over talked about.
but it's a girl thing....it really is.
i can't help that i anticipate the day that i will marry my best friend. 
i can't wait until i can wake up and fall asleep next to the love of my life.
tell him everything.
 clean the house.
make the bed.
do our laundry.
prepare meals.
make up.
miss him while he's at work.
call him during the day.
call him mine.
tell him i love him.
get kinky wit it.
just loving him.

i'm seriously crying thinking about it....i love him.
i seriously already love him.

i know you tend to paint a beautiful picture in your mind of how you want your marriage to be. that it's just you and him. spending time together all the time. with each other 24/7. waking up to breakfast in bed. getting surprise trips to places all over the world. finishing each others sentences. wanting the same things at the exact same time. living in a mansion with a pool in the back and five big screen t.v.'s.

i know very well, that this isn't  going to be the case. but who wants a boring marriage like that anyway?

i want to struggle.

call me cray cray {i already know}

i want to start from nothing, and work up to what will be 'ours'.
i want to disagree on when we should have kids. {kids? slow down demi}
i want to eat microwave dinners.
i want my ceiling to have a leak in it where every time it rains we have to rush to the nearest bowl and put it under the hole to catch the water.
i want to laugh because living with someone else isn't as easy as we thought it to be.
and i want those experiences, those humbling experiences to drop my husband and i to our knees every night.
 i want our heavenly father to be each of our best friends.
i want us to be honest with each other.
and i want a husband who will defend me no matter what and stick up for me no matter the circumstance.
i want a husband who loves the lord equivalent to the amount of love he feels for me.
because when you are on the lords side, no matter how hard things start out, things will only get better.

i'm talking as if i want this RIGHT THIS SECOND.

that is definitely not the case. it's just something that i have always been crazy about....something i know i'll be good at. i know that i will be a great wife to my husband one day. to defend him, and my family. to support him in his decisions. and to unconditionally love him every single day until the day that we part from this life.....and on to eternity.



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