Saturday, June 2, 2012


it's so weird telling people i'm single....i honestly have not been single since the beginning of my seventh grade year. SO weird. can i just say that i effing love it? goodbye to the old....HELLO TO THE NEW.

i'm seriously loving life right now and everyone in it. i love being able to talk to whoever the hell i want to, hanging out with complete psycho's and partying [HARD] not having to check my phone every 2 seconds. half the time i don't even know where my phone is! haha i'm living the LIFE!! seriously. i can kiss who EVER the hell i want. dance with who EVER i want. talk to who EVER I WANT. never been the case for me before....i'm stoked. 

last night we went hard at the lake and took hells pictures. danced and laughed waaaay too much. hit up the water towers. and then i went and talked to joe and cass till the a.m. thank goodness for that...

today we all went out on the lake again. everyone was drunk as hell! funniest thing i have ever witnessed.....seriously. if you ever want to go boating, this is the way to do it! ha it was so much fun!


now it's off to play with ma boys all night. talk to you later snitches. peace!
 PS. Our friends like to get a little bit tipsy!! Lindsey wanted to go to Sushi Ya SOOOO bad. Too good. haha

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