Friday, June 8, 2012

wow.....was NOT expecting that.

they say you learn more about a person and who they really are, when they aren't in your life anymore.

nothing strikes more true than that fact. i know more about you now, than i ever did when we were together.

it's hard though, to know what to believe from people. to know whether or not i should even listen to what people have to say. but then again, why should i believe you?

oh doesn't even matter any more. what the truth is, what was a lie. because nothing can change that anymore. i may never know, and frankly, if everything i have been hearing about you is true, i should be over you in no time. no time at all.....

last night.............WOW. last night. need i say more? would've never thought that would have happened! hahahah so freaking weird. so good. so crazy. so sad. so funny. so......utterly and completely W R O N G.  yet so right. ha i don't even know what to feels like a dream. literally. someone pinch me please....maybe not. i liked it. i may have even LOVED it.


yeeeee! cannot wait. sickest/best feeling in the world.