Monday, June 18, 2012

WOW. cannot get enough of this boy.....

as Troy was watching natalie and i pack for cali, the conversation goes as follows:


natalie-- what'd you just take a picture of?

me-- my ring.....

natalie-- your gay promise ring? 

me-- shuuud up.

troy-- hey take some pictures of natalie too so that i don't forget about you guys.

nat and i-- awww sweetest thing!!

natalie-- troy, are you going to call us every night?

me-- and heytell us all through out the day?

troy-- of course! i just hope that we don't get disconnected cause that would be a bunch of bull shiz!

troy, you are my hero bro. i'm about to pack you up in my suitcase and take you along with us! gonna miss you.


  1. My ring is better then yours.:)
    Hey nice ring... where ya get it? Walmart?

    hahaha jokin.
    Yours is sick i guess.

  2. ahh shuuuuf up! you suck bro. mines wayyy sicker.