Thursday, July 5, 2012

so...i've decided to do this thing i like to call "picture or it didn't happen"

pretty self explanatory. each week i will take all of the pictures i have taken of the things i have done and post them all in one post.

because life is just too priceless to miss out on memories that a photograph can contain.

i am honestly overwhelmed with how good life is right now. i am truly grateful for everyone, and everything in it and i can honestly say that i wouldn't change a thing.

i miss my family. i didn't think i could miss them as much as i do. sad to say, it took moving out and being away from them for a while to help me realize how much they really do mean to me and how much they do for me. i am eternally grateful for such a wonderful loving family.

it's as cliche' and as simple as this:  LIFE IS GOOD.

la la la la la la la life is wonderful. la la la la la la la life goes full circle.



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