Wednesday, August 29, 2012


honestly. my life is so good right now.

i  honestly cannot believe how much is going right for me.

it is such a blessing from above! i've never been so happy in my life.

i must admit, i'm not usually one to credit people for my overall happiness.

i like to think that i am very capable of not letting the things around me affect my happiness, and that i am aware of the fact that my happiness is a choice and it comes from within.

but at the same time, when things seem to be going SO right. like, so right. so right that instead of just being able to be SO grateful and thanking the man above, you feel like you need an explanation for it, i guess i can't help but feel like there is a little special someone in my life that deserves a lot of the credit on this one...

i have a secret that i am currently hiding from EVERYONE. everyone except landon of course, and it is absolutely KILLING me inside! every where i go i just want to scream out, "GUYS, GUESS WHAT?" 

but..i guess that's what keeping a promise is..........fuss.(lands promised it would be worth it)

oh...and i just read this over and yeah...i most definitely am NOT PREGNANT if that's what all you snitches might have let come across your minds.

no, not pregnant, not even close! something SO good:) 

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  1. If i seriously dont know what this little secret is we aren't TF's anymore. One of ours.