Monday, August 6, 2012

it's been waaaaaay too long ladies and gents.

these passed couple of weeks have been soo cray cray!
like roller coaster cray.

last week was tres's birthdays {nat, danny, and i)
all in the span of 8 days.

we had a dinner at happy sumo with a ton of friends.
seriously, A TON. we overflowed our reservation of 20.
and we were still missing a good 10 people.

landon took me to the salt flats.
where we filmed for days.
and then he surprised me with an amazing birthday edit:)
in love babe. thank you.

we did some shopping at city creek.
and had an AMAZING dinner at stone ground.
best meal i've EVER eaten. seriously.

best birthday so far.

sunday was danny's birthday.
had cake and ice cream at mckenna's.
19! woot woot.


sunday evening was eventful, and very disappointing.
we'll leave it at that.

landon kade, i love you more than anything.
don't you forget it.

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