Monday, September 10, 2012


It has been one loooong year with this lovely love chug of mine.

But you know what? every experience, every adventure, every lesson, every minute spent with this boy has been completely worth everything we have gone through because it truly has made us so much stronger and we both have come so far from where we've been.

i feel like i have known landon my ENTIRE life.

I met landon at the beginning of my senior year last year, I was just coming out of another relationship, which landon didn’t hesitate for a second to move that process right along {he’s very dedicated} so in no time at all we started to get acquainted with each other pretty well. 

Let me put it this way, after a long three hour talk on the top of cascade hill the first day we met, I was taken to his parent’s house and introduced to his entire family! i know, right? BOLD move babe.

i instantly fell in love with the beautiful christensen family and began to do literally EVERYTHING with them.

 landon and i started dating today a year ago and we became literal best friends. we would talk for HOURS and HOURS until the sun came up, we talked about everything and anything that would come to mind. and to be honest, it is still that way today.

People are always asking how we never run out of things to talk about, truth is, i honestly have NO idea.

landons always got something on his mind, and he's always wanting to try to dig just a little bit deeper. and i've always got the answers to keep the conversation rolling. it works out perfectly.

landon and i have been through a lot. like.....A LOT. we haven't always treated each other the way we should, and there are some things i think about that have either been done or said that just makes me cringe at the thought of it.....

would i take back ONE of those things? NEVER.

those things have molded us into who we are as an individual as well as who we are together, and i wouldn't change that for the world.

i am so grateful to have met landon and to still have him in my life, always there for me when i need him, when i need a good laugh, or when i just simply need a friend.

it also doesn't hurt that he is THEE most attractive guy in the entire world. seriously though. he is beautiful.

i look forward to seeing what the future holds for the both of us:)

 >> > > i love you darling  < << < 

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