Monday, November 26, 2012


for a year and a half i have ALWAYS looked forward to this sweet missionaries letters every monday {no pun intended} but as of late they have meant so much.....we would just right as friends at first. and i loved it! he was always so funny and positive and i could count on him to give me a good start to my long weeks.

but as of lately, our writing has been getting more serious.....and i ABSOLUTELY love it. he is such a sweet kid. honestly. he is perfect. he is serving in New York, New York. and he is the strongest missionary i have ever written. in the last email he sent me he shared his testimony with me, and mine to him in return. i shared with him a little bit of what i was going through, but i let him know that i am staying as strong as i can, i wish i just had answers.......he then replied with the most heart felt email this morning...and this was his advice toward the end.

".....i cant wait to hear from you next week. please know i think of you often and now because i know you're having a hard time. im gonna pray for you every night! alama 7.... learn of the atonement its not just for the wicked and sinners but for the broken hearted if you come unto christ he will carry your burdens and remove your heart ache i promise you :) i love you demi speak to you soon beautiful!!!
elder munday"

prayers are real. and they DO get answered, whether through a simple thought, or through someone miles and miles away. thank you Elder Munday. miss you like mad! and cannot wait to see you in april!

xoxo demi