Sunday, November 25, 2012

 Question overload...

i'm just going to kill three birds with one stone since i'm SO far behind! you work out?

4.are you mormon?

5.what do you plan to do now that you are graduated?

okay these are going to as brief as possible!

QUESTION #3 do i work out?

answer: definitely not as much as i would like...i got a gym pass like two months ago and i literally have been twice since i got it. but i really do enjoy running when i find the time! as well as meditation...i love to meditate! that over rules any type of exercise i feel. especially as of late.

QUESTION #4 am i mormon?

answer:  i am, and very proud of it:) {not sure if a more profound answer was wanted than that}

QUESTION #5 what do i plan on doing now that i'm graduated?

answer: well, to be honest i have thought about doing a million things! originally i planned to go into psychology and pursue my dream to become a marriage and family councilor. that quickly changed into cosmetology? random i know....and now the plan is to go to UVU in the spring of 2013 to get hands on experience with photography where i hope to one day be able to shoot YOUR wedding and family portraits. {indecisive problems} as of now, i am working as a receptionist at Emergency Essentials with my best friend natalie along side me and i love it! the rest will unfold as time goes by i suppose..i'm not too worried. i know it'll all work out how it is supposed to!

thanks for the questions:)

xoxo demi

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