Tuesday, November 20, 2012


i know what you all are thinking........."it's about time demi!"

i've been absolutely horrible at this. seriously, i am so sorry! this is partially because i haven't had a facebook for SO long, so all those who emailed me before i deleted it --i never saw it. and everyone who emailed me after, i literally check my fb maybe once a week....haha 

long story short, if you're going to email me questions, email them to me at california.babe91@gmail.com {made that sucker in 7th grade..} that's probably your best bet at this point!

SO. here we go....question #1: Do you have extensions? and if not, how is your hair so long and still so healthy looking?


no, i actually do not have hair extensions! never have. the first time i actually did something to my hair other than get a trim here and there, was my sophomore year of high school. and all i did was dye it a little bit darker {done by Graci Hewlett} --spontaneous child i know..

after that faded, i went a little more on the wild side with an ombre' {melt} just this past summer, done by Brittney Zeedik! she did amazing and i absolutely love it...... 
{contact Britt she is absolutely phenomenal...she lives in southern Cal. but it's worth the trip. won't go to anyone but her}

i would say the biggest secret to my hair looking healthy, --thank you by the way:) would be that i apply absolutely zero heat to it! i'll admit, i went through the blow drying and straightening faze there for a while.... but my hair actually has a natural wave to it, so i usually hop out of the shower and just let nature run it's course. whether that includes complete dread locks, or just a more natural look. sometimes, when i REALLY care, i'll throw something new in there and curl BIG pieces each for only a few seconds just to give the ends a little spunk.....after letting it air dry of course!

sometimes i'll use a deep condition treatment {either put conditioner in and throw it up in a bun for 30 min-an hour or just sleep with it in...either way. use good quality conditioner!}

scissors have not come near {not even trimmed} my hair for over two years now....and i honestly don't know how it is as healthy as it is. i am just as shocked!

thanks for the question:) and for the compliment! i hope this helped you a little bit!

keep the questions coming bloggers! and i promise to get better at answering as the come.....

xoxo demi

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