Wednesday, November 21, 2012

tag, I'm it!

thank you for the nomination with the liebster award!
secretly i've been waiting for one of these to come around... i'm so stoked that i was tagged by the one and only absolutely beautiful Alicia Card.

so, as a lot of you may already know, this award is for those who have less than 200 followers to help them get their name out a little bit. if you get tagged by me, i hope you'll do it! do not feel obligated at the slightest though....

here are the rules:

•must list 5 things about yourself
•answer 11 questions your nominee made for you
•choose your own 11 favorite blogs to nominate
•create questions for them to answer
•then let them know they have been nominated


so to start out......who is demi kee?

1. you know how everyone has their celebrity crush? well mine is most definitely Joseph Smith. it has been since about 9th grade... although pictures don't really depict the physicality of the man, it really goes far beyond that! i grew to love him while reading in the Joseph Smith History until i had read it cover to cover 5 or 6 times. never did a better man live. he is my role model. and if i could be sealed to him in this life, i probably would. haha

2. my full name is Demitria, but only a few people call me that. {close family and friends} i rarely even introduce myself as that. it is derived from the greek language {i am part greek} and as much as landon calls me by it, i definitely prefer Demi more than anything else other than from's strange.

3. ever since 8th grade, i wanted to go into psychology. i planned to go into the field of marriage and family counseling, but after a long talk with my aunt who had gone down that road and persuaded me other wise, i decided to fulfill the dream of a photographer. i'll be attending UVU in the spring to get hands on experience, and i hope to one day be the person you call for your wedding pictures, family portraits etc:)

4. i learn through experience. i've always hated this...and i'm learning as i get older and actually begin to learn from my mistakes, that i CAN control in a lot of situations what happens. and i work on that every day....i try to learn from other peoples mistakes instead of having to go through the pain myself {lesson learned a bit late?} maybe...but i'm still living and i'm still learning. life is good.

5. you'll never meet someone with a bigger heart. seriously. i know that a lot of people say this, but i mean it. it is so hard for me to hold a grudge for too long! i forgive way too easily...and i am SO open with my feelings. {as you can probably tell scrolling through the blog} i cry like a baby. i have a soft spot for little old couples holding hands wobbling down the side walk together, a brand new fresh little baby brought into the world, and little sweet acts of kindness done by the ones that love me, as well as the ones that i love. i'm a genuine person, if i like you you will definitely know, and if i don't, you will know that too! ha there are very VERY few people under that category.

okay, so i may or may not be wrong, but i don't think there were specific questions asked by Alicia, so i'm just going to go ahead and answer the ones Rylee Blake asked her. here we go.

1. if you could do anything and money was no matter, what would you do?
i would have to agree with Alicia on this one. i would go on a million humanitarian projects! preferably to the island of Fiji or somewhere like Ecuador or Africa. there would be nothing better.

2. what is your favorite memory?
my favorite memory was with my grandma {yia-yia} i had slept over there and i woke up to smell of delicious blueberry pancakes! went upstairs to see her dancing and singing in the kitchen whipping up the most wonderful meal i had ever seen! she wrapped me up for a hug and started dancing with me. either that, or her many cooking lessons, and teaching me how to speak greek. i miss her more and more every day....

3. who has made the biggest impact on who you are today?
i would have to say in all honesty these four people, my mum, my downsydrome little brother dallin, my best friend natalie, and landon kade christensen.

4. if you could be any celebrity, who would you be and why?
people think i'm crazy, but i would definitely be Rachel McAdams. she has such a unique look! and she is absolutely beautiful in my opinion.

5. what is your favorite holiday?
definitely the 4th of July, {red, white, and blue feen} i love america. and christmas is a given. i also like other peoples birthdays:) i love surprising people.

6. what is your favorite movie?
it depends on the day. right now it's either Wicker Park, Practical Magic, or Dumb and Dumber

7. who is your biggest role model?
my mum. and landons mum. oh...and joseph smith.

8. where is the best vacation location?
either greece, or thailand!

9. what goals do you have for the next year?
well, i'm seriously considering a mission! and if that doesn't end up happening, at least one humanitarian project, a full year of school and hopefully beginning work doing what i love!

10. what were you like in high school?
i was friends with anyone and everyone! i didn't care how you looked, how you acted, what you dressed like! i got along with pretty much everyone. i didn't have my own little group...i was just kinda there and talked to anyone who needed a friend. i sang, i played softball. i wasn't the best student....but i graduated! haha if i could go back, i would make school work my #1 priority, and i wouldn't have manipulated so many teachers...

11. what makes you happy?
my family. seeing other people happy and succeed! my little brother --my absolute best friend. spending time with friends and laughing HARD! music....honestly it is my life! i have sung and played the piano ever since i could remember and i thank my lucky stars for the is my 'go to' when i am having a stressful day. the gospel. missionary letters:) lemonade, pictures, landons edits, landon, christmas time, and serving! the list could go on and on. i am very thankful for all that i have in this life and every day i do not feel anything short of happy. i'd be selfish not to.





xoxo demi