Tuesday, January 29, 2013


let me just begin by saying, never have i EVER had better food in my entire life.

i've had the privilege of being able to shoot with the one and only zoe lazerson a few times this past month.
don't even get me started on this cute thing...i could go on for days on days...

not only is she the tiniest cutest babe in the world, she is honestly the most talented photographer!

she has been doing shoots for a bunch of cute little shops here and there, and whenever i ask her what she's got going on, she's booked with shoots! she's my inspiration. her work is phenomenal and she gets me more and more excited every time we shoot to get started in the industry!! yeeee!!!

welp, there i go!!

i could go on forever, really though.

so, the last shoot we did was a few weeks ago. it's at this place called 

if you haven't already been to this place, GO. right now. 

from the many assortments of taco's to their amaze churros, hot chocolate, and tea, you will NOT be disappointed. zoe's dad does business with one of the owners, which not to mention is one of the nicest guys i have ever met. goodness...everyone that works there just wants you to have the best experience, they are constantly serving you! i was never foodless! haha i ate so much. as soon as i was halfway through a dish, a new one was being presented before me. 

it's the coolest environment ever! i live for places like that, communal, sammy's, etc. if you haven't been to any of those you are missing out big time! get there snitches! ferrr real doe!

we did a shoot with all of their food, so we literally got to try EVERYTHING that they have to offer. never once, was i disappointed.....

anyway i could go on as my mouth waters, or you can all just get off your arse's and try it for yourself. do ittttttt tho.

xoxo demi

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