Monday, February 4, 2013

15 THINGS...
so i was tagged by the beautiful Laura Varella to bore you guys with 25 facts about myself!
i actually didn't see the tag until i had already answered my last emails request of 10 things about me, or else i would have totally just tied it in together..
so since that is the case i am just going to give another 15 to make a grand total of 25..
1• i have a serious obsession with chap stick. and with lips! oh and also with the way my lips feel. they have to be smooth as a baby's bottom! i brush my lips with my toothbrush more times throughout the day than i can count. i'm cringing telling you this, you will all think i'm a nut job, but every now and again i'll get as crazy as exfoliating my lips with a sugar and water mixture, makes em taste and feel great!
2• which leads me to my obsession with don't take this in any "i kiss who i want, when i want" type of thing...i just love the feeling! ha when it's with someone you care about obviously...naw im sayin? alright...moving on!
3• jewelry. i simply wear too much of it. i'm constantly doubling up dem necklaces, stacks on stacks of bracelets and rings and no matter how many rings i buy, i can't help but stop and look at every place that has em, im a sucker for turquoise and silver things dat blang blang.
4• lemonade is mah drink! my veins no longer consist of blood, it is strictly water and lemonade. erry day erry day.
5• i have a genuine deep love for utah. {am i really crying right now?} i have seriously grown to love this place so much it's unreal.....growing up i was constantly wanting to "get out" to be by the beach, to feel the sun beat down on my back all year round, get black black BLACK and run around shoeless on the beach in nothing but a swimsuit every day, that was my dream! i always promised myself and everyone that i would marry some brown babe and move to hawaii and our kids would run around shirtless and never cut their hair...i guess not much of that has changed other than the fact that i never want to leave this place. ever. this is my home, born and raised, my worst, best, favorite, and least favorite memories and people are held here...i don't know if i could ever give that up. i used to be the biggest debby downer when winter hit! when fall would drag out....when it got too hot. now, i can't get enough of each season, every day is different. i am so grateful to live in this beautiful place! every sunset is different, there is nothing like a utah sunset...the change in smell and the seasons come and go, the MOUNTAINS. omg do not get me started....pine trees are my latest obsession. love this place more than anything.
6• i secretly wish i could pop it like beyonce. mhmm.
7• hi, my name is demi and i am addicted to vampire diaries, prison break, and the walking dead.
8• i break out in crazy dance moves, but only few people have witnessed it for themselves. including mcklendon, joe, natalie, dylan, and hannah! you have to be one lucky dawg to take part in such an act! there is enough footage of it taken by these fools to be leaked for years......maybe if ya'll errr lucky i'll post one up someday...
9• i love photography. i can't wait to learn more about it and get started in the field here shortly! it's so intriguing to me.
10• sob story, i fall in love with people super easy, fast, and hard. and i get stuck on them for the longest time...i'm to the point now where i am honestly scared to get close to another person. i feel like things go so great for so long with someone, just long enough for me to screw things up.. i have nightmares about never getting married, at 19, yes it's become a fear, and commitment scares me the more and more i think about it...i'm scared that i'm going to marry the wrong person...i don't know why, i know God is aware and has a plan for me, but the thought of it freaks me out! i'll just buy 15 huskys and adopt 27 brown nuggets and call it good. who needs a stinky old husband anyway...right? 
11• i'm a very sentimental person. i keep everything that anyone has ever given me! even if i no longer associate with certain people, i'm constantly thinking, "i could show my kids these one day" or "my kids will think this shirt is sick 20 years from now" my closet is chuck full of junk! when i say junk i mean some of my most precious, embarrassing, and memorable memories! letters, pictures, gifts, gum wrappers, receipts, ticket stubs, tags, water bottles, empty lotion and perfume bottles, old cell phones, school work, notes, broken bracelets {intending to remake them one day, never gonna happen demi} all kinds of stuff. memories are important to me..
12• i really should be majoring in english, i have a grammar fetish..i absolutely cannot stand when people use the wrong kinds of, your, you're, to, two, too it drives me up the wall! just learn it gosh dang it!! and don't forget it! i love to read and write as well...maybe i'll double major in it or something.
13• need i say this one once again? i love music guys...i seriously do. there is NEVER a time that i am not listening to music or singing. it goes with me everywhere. every situation is better with music, showering, getting ready, working, doing homework, while im SHOPPING yes shopping, and not even through head phones just blasting it out loud, gettin down wit it;) eeeee did i just say that?? i'm very picky about my music though, and i have to definitely be in certain moods for certain stuff. i got the best playlist going on right now though. just got done listening to some R Kelly and Usher, and now im onto some Ben Rector. i have a deep passion for music. which also makes me it's biggest critique...i've learned so much about music. it's history, every note, every genre. i've sung and played piano since before i can remember, it's honestly a part of who i am.
14• i am a proud member of the church of jesus christ of latter day saints. a very, very proud member. the gospel is what keeps this little caboose rolling, even when i feel like throwing dem hands up and giving up. God is real, and he loves each of us more than we could ever comprehend. everything happens for a reason and is for our own good. and prayer is real.
15• lastly, i am a talker! i can talk for days on is probably one of my favorite things to do. i love getting to know new people, reminiscing with old friends, and talking about things late at night that you would usually never talk about haha my average conversation usually drags out for a solid 7 or 8 hours..i don't know what it is, i literally never run out of things to talk about! i just have so many thoughts on things and i love learning knew things as well. i just have so many deep rooted feelings about things....if we're talking about love, past relationships, where things went wrong, what i wish i would have done different, GOOD LUCK. be prepared to get your ear talked off. i cry a lot too! like a lot...i am a very sensitive person. so if we're talking late at night and emotions are rolling, be prepared for tears! i'm a problem solver, i like figuring things out and i hate hard feelings, i can't stand the thought of hurting someone or someone having hard feelings toward me. when i apologize, it's genuine and i mean it.
well, enough about me!! i want to hear from you lovely ladies and gent......
Natalie Tueller
Alisha Card
Megnog Holden
Joseph Thomas Sykes
Jessica Freeze
Tiff Allen

Shelby Deason
Zoe Laz
Jenny Aubry
Annie Holdsworth
Danny Julian
xoxo demi

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  1. I am just now seeing this and I love it. I love you a lot. and I did end up writing one, but never knew you tagged me! xoxoxo