Friday, March 22, 2013


Or in other words: The Los Angeles County Museum of Art

unfortunately, we showed up a little too late to experience the actual museum...but we did in fact get to see all of the lamp posts that are just outside of it! it is honestly so rad! i could have stayed and taken pictures for days!!

next visit: the actual museum!

look how cutie he is ^^^^^^^^

so it was a bit chilly...and i asked B to borrow a sweatshirt, of course he throws me a lakers one out of the millions that he has!

he's convinced that he's going to convert me into a fan! HAH
it's all about dat JAZZ NATION!!!

nice try though. nice try.

if you're ever in the area, check this place out! so sick.

p.s. any other cool places you lovelies know of in LA that i can visit?

xoxo demi

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  1. AYY jus' found your blog and I'm crushin' on it! Hit up Silverlake in LA if you haven't done so yet...THE best coffee shops (Intelligentsia) and rad shopping too!