Monday, April 22, 2013


one of those emotional roller coaster kind of days/weeks/months.
hold on tight.

why do we get put in situations in the time and places that we do? why do sudden thoughts rush to our minds of things we haven't thought about in days? and why do memories come flooding in all at once when all we're trying to do is flush them out?

all of these things have absolutely been racking my brains lately! WHY?

why i always feel the need to spell it all out to all of you here on my personal blog and fill you in on my craziness of a brain lately, is beyond me. maybe to hopefully get better answers? i don't maybe be proven to be sane. i can't be the only one wondering the things that i wonder. that's my hope in unleashing the trails of thoughts in this mind of mine..

why did i decide to go 80's dancing a couple months ago when i absolutely DESPISE dances?
why did i start talking to people that i knew had hard feelings toward me despite knowing me, and now can honestly call them some of my closest friends?
why do i text people i shouldn't and tell them that i miss them, and love them?
why do i feel so confused all the time with what to do?

i mean there has to be a reason that we do the things we do. i'm a #1 believer of agency. i believe that there is an over all plan, but i also believe that you can do things to mess up the pathway that is easiest for you to get to where you need to be. you choose the path you take. whether or not you end up where you are supposed to and live up to your fullest potential is completely up to you.

it's hard when the one thing going so right for you for the first time in the longest time all of the sudden just doesn't feel right anymore. maybe i'm being punished. maybe God is sending a subliminal message to me saying "Demi, wake up!" i guess i could have a contant hunch for why things happen all the time, but that will never truly change the outcome.

happiness is key. it's what this life is about. so regardless of what is constantly going on around me, happy i shall be.  {no, that line that just flowed through my fingers was not intended to come out as a cheesy rhyme. it happens}

xoxo demi

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  1. i love you so much. i'm so glad this didn't find its way to the trash, because your words are inspiring, uplifting and one-hundred-percent truth.