Tuesday, May 28, 2013

__________here's the thing...

so i received an email this evening from either a reader or a stalker....--they are one in the same i suppose, that i would usually just brush off. don't get me wrong, i love receiving your guys's emails, questions, input,  good or bad. and usually i can handle it no matter what people have to say. but this one really bothered me for some reason.

it went like this:
them: be still? love chugs? hmmm

me: yeah...what about it?

it wasn't till i really put some thought into it that i realized exactly what they were talking about. all of you know miss Weslie Christensen and her all too famous blog, "LOVE CHUGS" if you're not already following her, get on it! 

anyway, a while back Wes wrote a post talking about the invented phrase "love chugs" and how it came about. sure maybe people on the east coast  could have very well created the phrase years ago, maybe even locals here in Orem, UT really were the ones to start the phrase, who knows until the next life really...

but i remember reading that post and thinking well shoot, if Wes did indeed come up with the phrase i better give her the proper credit where it is rightfully deserved! so i did. and whenever i used the phrase i would say something like, "As Weslie would say.." now let's also take into consideration that at the time, i had been dating Weslie's brother-in-law for quite awhile, so i saw and heard the phrase here and there  as i was around and thought it was cute and innocently used it here on my space. it wasn't like i was stealing the phrase from some complete strangers site and all of the sudden claiming it as my own!

as far as the "Be Still" part, i'm not quite sure where they are getting off on that one...and i apologize if you think that i, and i being the only one, stole the common phrase, scripture, and quote and used it as my own here..

i guess all i am really getting at is this: 
there have been plenty of times where i have come across a blog, a FB status, a tweet, HECK even an IDENTICAL instagram picture the day after i post it with the SAME caption, or where i have seen the same exact post as me, the same pictures, quotes. for heavens sake, i wouldn't be surprised if some of the time all they did was copy and paste my entire post and posted it to theirs!

 but you know what? it's going to happen. great minds will think alike, and sometimes it will just be a total coincidence. we live in a world of social media. people are constantly pinning and re-pinning, tweeting and re-tweeting and sharing their ideas and interests. you are BOUND to post some similar things as other people. 

but i have never passed up the opportunity to give credit where it is needed. and i have never looked at someone posting similar things as me as more than pure flattery! so my things were cool, so you liked that quote, and you decided to steal that phrase! by all means, spread it around and go for it! why would i have a blog if i wasn't expecting people to take the things i say and hopefully use them in a positive way for themselves? it would be a complete waste of time. 

this blog is my own. i write for myself, i write for my readers, friends and family. i love the input i receive and frankly all of my intentions on here are good. so if you take offense to any of it, i apologize and invite you to stop following.

for my current followers, readers, and supporters, continue to stick around. i love you guys! xoxo


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