Thursday, May 23, 2013

i was supposed to be home like seven days ago maybe? yup. leave it to me to find a way to still be here. i've seriously fallen in love with this place all over again. 
i mean i have always THRIVED on california. both parents were raised in SO Cal so it was always just engrained in me to love it.
but i seriously have gained a new love for it! all thanks to mah main man blakey blake. love that dude.
he makes coming out here so much fun. duh, he's the best.

plus, a total babe.

not to mention, i learned how to surf while i was out here by THE hottest instructor.
and how lucky that it so happened to be that babe up there!! ^^
he kills it at surfing. it is thee hottest thing in the world to watch him catch dem waves!
but besides how lucky i am, i seriously am in love with surfing. it is the best feeling in the world!
and i mean, IN THE WORLD! it's been my favorite thing i've done so far!
the feeling of getting up on a wave is like nothing else.

so funny story, i have always had this shark phobia. not like a typical cautious, "1 in a million" type thing. i have always felt like the 1 in that million was me. you get what i'm saying. basically i would bawl my eyes out even boating at the lake if i fell off the tube and got left for too long. i can't help but wonder what is swimming down below me! {as if there are sharks in a lake --dewey} it seriously freaks me out! but guess what? i actually over came that surfing yesterday at Doheny or as the locals would call it {DOHO} and it honestly didn't even phase me!!
before i knew it, i was more worried about paddling for my life, rather than anything in the water! HALLELUJAH. and i was actually able to learn how to surf!

blake's the cutest. i was SO excited to learn to surf, i couldn't even sleep the night before. when i woke up he goes, "babe, let's head over to the surf shop and pick out some cute wet suits for you to learn in:)" ahhhhh did i mention how lucky i am?! so attentive to my every need. seriously though. he is an absolute dream. 
so we headed on over to the local Jack's surf shop and picked out THEE cutest wet suits. grabbed our boards, and paddled out all day until the sun set. what a night. i am the luckiest girl alive.

although i stayed a week longer than planned, i am still not ready to leave! i love this place. i love adventuring with my babe out here. it honestly feels like a dream.
sometimes i have to take a step back and ask myself, "is this real life?"
"did i seriously just wake up to the babe of a lifetime, kiss him good morning, mmm. grab lunch at the yummiest of yums and head to the beach for a shred sesh?" it seriously makes me giddy at the thought of it all. at him. i'm so lucky and excited to see where this road leads too. 
for now, day by day. or as blake would say, "hour by hour"
life is great.
now off to a 10 hour road trip to UT in the new whip. at least i'll have my babe to accompany me!

xoxo demi

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  1. i love every word, every sentence and your shark thing... so true. so maybe you're' right that i'll finally get over mind if i just suck it up and do it. && these pictures... <33333 ON POINT!