Saturday, May 18, 2013

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it has been far, far too long!
i've missed you guys. a lot actually.

i can't really say that i have a good reason for being away for so long, which is kinda sad.
but i promise that from here on out, i will  be better at this whole thing!

i'm actually super SUPER excited!
i've done a little revamping here on my blog that i'm super stoked about!

nothing is even close to being finished, so please don't judge!
it's totally in the works and i still have a lot to do to make this page my very own!

but i'm excited to learn more about the html world as i explore it,
and be able to help the people who have asked me about the changes i have made here!

i really do want to be able to help you guys customize your blog the way you want it.
it really is so much fun! and there are endless options. i love it.

so, technically i guess that is a reason i haven't posted anything!
i've been doing research for my fellow love chuggs!


so there is that.

i've been in Newport all week searching for a car! oh my goodness....LONGEST and most draining process. maybe i don't want to grow up after all!

but needless to say, it was a cool experience and well, I BOUGHT MY VERY OWN CAR! and i am SO excited about it! she's a little beaut. and we have bonded very well so far :)

it just wouldn't feel right if i didn't give my main man Blake a proper shout out for the countless hours spent on the whole process of finding this cute lil thing! she is perfect for me! so,


you da you da best!!

well, i think that's all for now.
until next time....

xoxo demi