Tuesday, May 28, 2013

it's raining, it's pouring

it's 2:00 in the afternoon and i am feeling pretty accomplished. 
i woke up around 9:00 am and did the usual morning ritual 
--stalked all of you on social media, listened to young and beautiful by miss Lana Del probably 5 times in a row. and then around 10:00-10:30 rolled out of bed. slipped off the nighties, slipped on the workout clothes and kicked ass. now i'm not one to boast about working out, you'll see that i hardly ever talk about dieting, or working out on here, even though it IS a part of my life. but this calls for a celebration, some serious acknowledgement!

today i decided to go on a bike ride for my work out. sounds easy enough right?  WRONG. boy does that work your legs!! and when i say work, i mean WORK!! i didn't think i was going to make it home! ha but isn't that the best feeling, when you're about to give up, hop off the bike and walk it the rest of the way home but then decide instead to catch your breath and carry on? feels amazing!

so although i don't have very many profound things to say today, i decided that i just needed to write. maybe it's for you too, but maybe it's just for me. maybe it's for the mere fact that it is liberating. that it gets the ball rolling, the mind thinking.

my mum and i went on a jog yesterday for a good solid hour and had an amazing conversation. and it got myself thinking {well, what doesn't do that really...} about how deep i really do think and read into things. a simple comment can send my head off into space spinning and wheels turning a million miles an hour, just on that one simple thing. i asked my mum, "could this be a bad thing? to want to know SO much. to wonder about everything, and to have an opinion on every single thing said or done?"

sometimes i feel like the lone wolf. like i'm the only one who really does that. the only one who wonders about the things that i wonder and ponders on the things that i do....there i go again! do you ever wonder that though?  i know we are all our own kind of weird. and that makes us , well US. so maybe that's my "weird" maybe that's what makes me, ME.

which i guess i can only be fine with. 

if you don't like something about yourself, change it. i've realized a few things about myself lately that really make me cringe! the way that i treat the people i love sometimes out of hurt, and the way that i view myself aside from the people around me. i've realized that you set the image inside your own mind. no one else really CARES to do that for you. anything you are feeling has been put there by yourself. you can either let the world put you down, or you can let it completely roll off your back and not let it phase you.


happiness it what it all comes down to. something that seems to be so simple, yet everyone in this world has the hardest time comprehending such a state of mind. it's sad really. to not be happy! what a sad way to live.

anyway, i've been fortunate enough to indulge myself in the sunniest of sunshine in CA for the past little while, talk about spoiled! so when UT decided to send a little showers it seriously surprised me! i was not used to it at all! but at the same time it was really refreshing and i actually really loved it.

so blake left for Indonesia yesterday for a whole 12 days! ahh he's on a surf trip, what a dream! and what an absolute babe! i love him. i really do love him. i am so stoked on him right now! i can't wait to see where this road leads:) he is one amazing man. and i am the luckiest girl alive! and i would be THEE luckiest to end up with someone as sick as him. duh!

anyway i think that's all the rambling i got for the day.
until next time lovers.

xoxo demi

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  1. I promise you there are more deep thinkers and old souls than you think. Happiness is a choice. And sometimes it's the hardest choice to make. I'm happy you're happy. Love fiercely and passionately. Because I promise you, love is what keeps us all universally happy.