Thursday, August 15, 2013


sometimes life gives you lemons, and sometimes with those lemons all you want to do is take them, cut them in half and squeeze the juice inside of an open wound. dramatic? a little bit...but sometimes i feel like that is the only way i will learn from those dang lemons and be able to look at them as a lesson/blessing. sometimes that is the only way i feel i might  fully heal

heal and carry on. that is the key here.

some of you may be thinking "Demi, you have gone mad!" while others will understand exactly what i am talking about. 

i was talking to my sweet insightful mother the other night, i love conversations with that smart lady, she helps me realize everything and helps me to see things in a perspective i never thought possible. 

i was telling her how happy i am. how happy i have become. and how grateful i am for that.

i began telling her that for once in my entire life, i truly understood waking up every day and feeling grateful to be alive, grateful for another day.

in this crazy world, where so many things are wrong, where there is so much bad, hurt, and pain, i am grateful to be living in he midst of it? you caught me....yup! i am eternally grateful for it. 

grateful that i now have the ability to wake up, thank the Lord that i am alive and well, and to go out and try to make a difference, to strive to help every single person that i come in contact with every single day to see a glimpse of the happiness and love that i feel, in hopes that it will change the way those people may act or simply feel, themselves.

in the process of healing, there is nothing more liberating and mending than losing yourself in the service and care for others.

just remember, that it's the simple things in life that make life worth living for. so don't you dare ever stop counting those blessings of yours. live for the little things and you will feel blessed with so much more.

i hope you are all having a wonderful week and continue to do so.
B L O G   O N.

xoxo demi