Thursday, March 19, 2015


Listen to people. Listen to them talk. Listen to them cry. Listen to them vent on and on about their family, friends and husbands. Listen to their good news. Listen to them get excited about life, and in turn get excited for them, too! Cry with them, respond, give advice where it's appropriate. But most of all truly listen. Acknowledge what people are going through in life. Remain from being so opinionated, or my personal favorite, trying to "one-up" ones good news. Do not be so easily offended. Do not get defensive. Allow people to express themselves to you. Be a place they feel comfortable coming to with any sort of news. Share the same level of excitement, sadness, joy and pain. 

Because one day you're going to lose something/someone you love. One day you're going to have the best day of your life. Or you're going to have the worst day of your life. And how horrible of a thought is it to not be able to share those feelings with anyone...if there is anything I've learned about life lately, it's that we are here to experience. To learn. And to grow. But most importantly, we are here to ENJOY. And to share and experience it with the people around us. 

How much easier is it to love and respect a person that truly listens and cares? To me, it is the best quality a person can obtain. 

To listen to someone is to prove your love, devotion, commitment, admiration and so many other detrimental things to any relationship. 

For some reason that topic has weighed heavy on my mind lately. So I thought I would share! Plus, it's been a LONG while since I have blogged. Forgot I even had this thing! 

Xx demi

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