Friday, July 5, 2013


sooo as white trash and ghetto as this might sound, Blake and i have absolutely THRIVED on our annual passes to Knottsberry farm!

--no, we haven't become complete and total carnies. yet..

this place is SO much fun! 
obviously Disneyland cannot and WILL not ever be beat.
but when your passes to the happiest place on earth is blacked out for the summer.
you have to improvise.

and improvise we did! best decision ever made? pretty close.
 i have never gotten more of a thrill on roller coaster rides in my entire life than at this theme park!

plus they have THEE best little navajo trading stores! i know, i know, sounds so sketch!
but i found the best little gems at these places that can't be beat!
did i mention they have the best funnel cakes in town? yup.

i'm sold on this place. it has my heart. least until our passes to disneyland are good to use again this spring!

xoxo demi


 photo 3ec75e26-abc5-4845-91ec-9611e816b18a_zpsf66d603d.jpg


did a fun little shoot here in Newport!
biked around for days and days. absolutely loved it. 
it's dream land out here everyone. it really is.
i can't believe i've already been here for a month!
the longer i'm out here the easier it is to stay just one, more, day.
i am missing UT though. my friends, family. more than they know.
but it's time i'm used to it out here and enjoy my knew surroundings,
since it will be my new home.

xoxo demi