Saturday, October 27, 2012

let's talk, blue aces.....

so a few of my very close friends are all in a band together, and i went and watched them perform last was honestly phenomenal! i couldn't believe how well they held their own..

they seriously did not mess up once!

these girls are all such hard workers, and absolutely love what the do. it's so fun to be apart of.

and they are all absolutely gorgeous, love them all to pieces:) 




Thursday, October 25, 2012

i'm jealously dreading to inform you..........

that landon is happy and well, in the state of Florida this fine week.

as much as i love you sending these beautiful pictures of yourself to me while i stay home and merely DREAM of such things.............i love you, and i miss you. and can't wait to......see you:) 

that is all, dear.

love you, love me.

right on time...

it's so intriguing how mysterious God works in our lives. and WHO he uses to work through ..

just today i received an email from a sweet old classmate that i have literally maybe spoken to just a few times in my entire life.

i would not consider us to be best friends, neither would i say that we even truly know each other...

besides those facts, what i do know, is this girl is the definition of integrity. here's the email i received from her........

"hi demi,
i know this is really random and we have probably maybe only talked twice in our lives but lately i have been reading your blog and i love it. i actually wanted to say sorry because, whether you knew it or not, i used to say really rude things about you and i totally judged you. i learned that you are not the girl i judged you to be and that i never should have said said any of those things. i was mostly just jealous of the perfect life i thought you had and how happy you always seemed to be. anyway i'm sorry for judging you and for how really random this is but thank you for your blog posts they are amazing."

what a great example of someone who truly understands the atonement, and is so in tune.
someone who is honest with themselves, and others, even when no one is watching. and someone who genuinely cares.

thank you so much for such a sweet email, you'll never understand how much that meant to me, i could not have received that at a more perfect time.  and not only that, but for teaching me that i can always be a little bit better. you know who you are. you are an amazing example, keep it up.

feeling grateful

because i should

today has been one emotional day.
can't complain. next to laughing, {in the most least weird way} crying is the next best thing to me.

i love the feeling of feeling. it's such a huge blessing..

i hurt one of my dearest friends unintentionally, and it tore me apart.

another one of my very best friends got his mission call today, jacob boettcher, you'll be amazing.

landon kade got his mission call as well, such a huge blessing. so proud of you sweetheart --can't wait to read who the lucky people are that get to hear your sweet testimony of this gospel for the next 2 short years.

i looked at the beautiful trees and just started bawling....this world, this state, utah itself is simply beautiful.

how did i get so lucky? i am so blessed with such an amazing life.

and to think that i could ever take any of it for granted, and not recognize God's  hand in it all.

beautiful home
loving family
amazing friends
amazing boyfriend
great examples
good health
a car
the gospel
my siblings
a job

and the ability to do all the many many things that i love in life. i am eternally grateful, and i thank my lucky stars for all that God blesses me with daily.

i hope you all had an amazing day.


Wednesday, October 24, 2012

dear friend,

remember all of the sleepless nights we both spent holding each other crying about all of those worthless boys? remember all of the LATE night phone calls and texts we'd both receive as a cry for help when we just couldn't do it on our own? remember how hard we laughed in 7th grade, so hard that we got kicked out of our jr. high class? remember the first time we played together in 4th grade? i got grounded for a week because i lost track of time and my mom searched all of Orem, UT for me, and i was no where to be found other than next to you. my partner in crime. the way it's been now for 10 long years.

in 10 years you are the only person that has seen me hurt, laugh, cry, scream etc. as hard as i ever have. you are the only person that honestly has been able to make me feel good about myself when i'm feeling down, laugh when i want to cry, and keep trying when i am just about to give up. you are my other half. you're my sister. if i could ever build up enough hatred in my heart to ever let that half of me go, i'd be getting rid of the biggest part of me. my better half.

i loved waking up to you in the morning when i had cried myself to sleep alone. i loved waking up before the sun had, to walk all 3 miles to your house to cuddle up next to you in your always warm, soft and oh-so-welcoming bed before the dreading hour of 7 am for school. i loved sharing clothes with you and being the one friend that never had to feel weird about asking to borrow certain valuables. i LOVED lending you my things, in which i knew you'd take good care of them. i loved taking the blame for you. i loved all of the many, many adventures we experienced together throughout the years of friendship, and not one has left me --never will.

i love that no one can tell our voices apart. i love that when we haven't seen each other for a month, i can confidently say you still know me better than anyone else. i love that we can talk through our minds, we don't need words. i love that we move the same. i love that we laugh at the same exact things. i love every trip to california and oregon we took together. i love how excited i get to see you and spend time with you knowing that it'll be the best time. and most of all, i love that you are my best friend.

i hate that age and time has come between us. i hate that boys have gotten in the way of our reckless lives  together. i hate it when you call other girls your best friend. i hate that we have gone through experiences individually that have separated us as best friends. i hate when we fight. i hate when we say stupid hurtful things to each other that we know we don't mean. i hate the feeling of someone i love being mad at me. but most of all, i hate that i hurt you.

you are my best friend, my other half, my sister. i don't know what i would have done without you in sticky situations i was always getting myself into, you were always one to bail me out. you haven't always been the most understanding, you haven't always been there for me when i needed you most, and you know what? there were times when i would ask myself, why am i still her friend? you've made me feel worse than anyone else, and i've never felt more betrayed by someone at times. you're personality over rules mine, and sometimes i absolutely hate it! i hate when you prove me wrong, and i hate when you don't take my damn advice and you have to learn the hard way! but you know what? i have done thee exact same things to you. it has been rocky, but that's friendship. experience and learning. respect, love, discipline........abstinence. {never knew Mr. Clintons words would ever come into play one day, and in a setting like this...haha}

 long story short --though already WAY to late. i love you. i miss you. i miss how we used to be, and most of all i am sorry.

lucy may

i love you jill. 

Tuesday, October 9, 2012


i am pleased to announce that landon kade christensen, has made the decision to serve an LDS mission for the Church Of Jesus Christ Of Ladder Day Saints.


do any of you realize how hard it has been keeping that a secret? i have wanted to scream that to everyone and their dogs for DAYS! and it's finally out!!!!!:) 

its been a long haul, but it is finally here! and i am so proud of him.

he receives his call next wednesday and the anticipation is literally killing me!!

now, for a little background on the story......

August 30th 2011

me: how old are you?

him: just turned 19 on may 7th

me: do you plan on serving a mission?

him: umm to be honest, it's not the #1 thing on my list at the moment.

me: (in my head) great.....hopes and dreams shot to H.

i give in.

September 10th 2011

we officially start dating.

you know the fight scene from the notebook?
you know, the one where they are screaming at each other.
they hate each other but they love each other.
yeah that kind of stuff.
yeah, that's the kind of the stuff that happened for the following 9 months.

hell, if you will.

"if you aren't happy with yourself, don't expect to be able to make someone else happy."

we learned that lesson the hard way.

so we:

1. get happy with ourselves
2. THEN make each other one of our top priorities.

and who would've thought, when you're doing what's right, and when all you want is for that person you love to be smiling and happy every single day, it works! life lesson 101.

so, fast forward to about a month and a half ago....things couldn't be better. we are just where we have always wanted to be. we are happy. not artificially happy, we are TRULY happy. --yet, something is missing.

 i had just gotten back from one of my old friends mission call opening when it hit me. "landon should be serving a mission". he should have been gone a year and a half ago...... so, we do what we do best.

we talk.

now for those of you who know landon and i, we sure can talk! i can talk to this boy about literally ANYTHING. nothing scares me. but this, this scared me.

i had just gotten done endulging in one of sammy's best famous pie shakes, banana cream pie , (mmmmm) when i saw landon pull up to meet me after work to talk. i suddenly felt every ounce of that shake screaming to come back up stream, i all of the sudden felt a very strong hate for the well-loved other words i felt the need to purge. i never felt so ill.

i slowly walked out to that famous silver jetta and slipped into the passenger seat as mere me, an angel must've carried me to that car and by the time i got there i must've looked like a ghost i was so nervous 

him: so...what exactly is it that you need to talk about baby?


him: babe?


me: i know we've talked about this multiple times before, and we've come to many MANY different conclusions, and a mission was never really an option, but babe, i NEED you to serve a mission.

and at this point, my worst enemy happened:


me: babe?

you know the fight scene from the notebook?
you know, the one where they are screaming at each other.
they hate each other but they love each other.
yeah that kind of stuff.
yeah, that's the kind of the stuff that happened for the following few hours.........

hell, if you will.

it was worse than i intended it to be, and as you can guess, there were more tears than words being said....

between, "i need" "i want" and "i'm scared" it sounded like a bunch of gibberish.

it was rollin on about 2:30 am when we both had gathered ourselves together and could finally make sense of what had just occurred. he knew that what i "needed" and what i had always wished for was what was right. he knew that it was just the thing that he, along with the both of us needed.

him: honestly babe, i have always seen myself serving a mission. and i've let the world and stupid mistakes get in the way of that, and i've let it bring me down. thank you for reminding me what is important for me to be doing right now in my life, i know it is the right thing to do......

me: (in shock) you're sure about this? (now, not even sounding sure of it myself anymore)

him: more than ever. babe, i promise you this, i am going to serve a mission. and not just for you or anyone else, but for myself, and for the people that i will serve. i remember why i love this kid so much. sure, sometimes he has been easily distracted by the constant worries of the world (work, women, work, WOMEN, and work........) he always gets right back on track to what is important in life and makes a change as fast as a simple conversation.


and that is pure fact. i am so happy for landon and his decision:) and i am so so proud of him.

and if we're lucky, we may just get the best love story i could have ever imagined......
something like this.................  ↓↓↓

--watch in order.

xoxo demi




Friday, October 5, 2012

so there is this guy named Oliver Clark.

he has this sick shoe line, and landon did some filming for him today and hooked me up with some sick stuff from there. check them out they have some pretty cool stuff.