Tuesday, May 28, 2013

__________here's the thing...

so i received an email this evening from either a reader or a stalker....--they are one in the same i suppose, that i would usually just brush off. don't get me wrong, i love receiving your guys's emails, questions, input,  good or bad. and usually i can handle it no matter what people have to say. but this one really bothered me for some reason.

it went like this:
them: be still? love chugs? hmmm

me: yeah...what about it?

it wasn't till i really put some thought into it that i realized exactly what they were talking about. all of you know miss Weslie Christensen and her all too famous blog, "LOVE CHUGS" if you're not already following her, get on it! 

anyway, a while back Wes wrote a post talking about the invented phrase "love chugs" and how it came about. sure maybe people on the east coast  could have very well created the phrase years ago, maybe even locals here in Orem, UT really were the ones to start the phrase, who knows until the next life really...

but i remember reading that post and thinking well shoot, if Wes did indeed come up with the phrase i better give her the proper credit where it is rightfully deserved! so i did. and whenever i used the phrase i would say something like, "As Weslie would say.." now let's also take into consideration that at the time, i had been dating Weslie's brother-in-law for quite awhile, so i saw and heard the phrase here and there  as i was around and thought it was cute and innocently used it here on my space. it wasn't like i was stealing the phrase from some complete strangers site and all of the sudden claiming it as my own!

as far as the "Be Still" part, i'm not quite sure where they are getting off on that one...and i apologize if you think that i, and i being the only one, stole the common phrase, scripture, and quote and used it as my own here..

i guess all i am really getting at is this: 
there have been plenty of times where i have come across a blog, a FB status, a tweet, HECK even an IDENTICAL instagram picture the day after i post it with the SAME caption, or where i have seen the same exact post as me, the same pictures, quotes. for heavens sake, i wouldn't be surprised if some of the time all they did was copy and paste my entire post and posted it to theirs!

 but you know what? it's going to happen. great minds will think alike, and sometimes it will just be a total coincidence. we live in a world of social media. people are constantly pinning and re-pinning, tweeting and re-tweeting and sharing their ideas and interests. you are BOUND to post some similar things as other people. 

but i have never passed up the opportunity to give credit where it is needed. and i have never looked at someone posting similar things as me as more than pure flattery! so my things were cool, so you liked that quote, and you decided to steal that phrase! by all means, spread it around and go for it! why would i have a blog if i wasn't expecting people to take the things i say and hopefully use them in a positive way for themselves? it would be a complete waste of time. 

this blog is my own. i write for myself, i write for my readers, friends and family. i love the input i receive and frankly all of my intentions on here are good. so if you take offense to any of it, i apologize and invite you to stop following.

for my current followers, readers, and supporters, continue to stick around. i love you guys! xoxo


it's raining, it's pouring

it's 2:00 in the afternoon and i am feeling pretty accomplished. 
i woke up around 9:00 am and did the usual morning ritual 
--stalked all of you on social media, listened to young and beautiful by miss Lana Del probably 5 times in a row. and then around 10:00-10:30 rolled out of bed. slipped off the nighties, slipped on the workout clothes and kicked ass. now i'm not one to boast about working out, you'll see that i hardly ever talk about dieting, or working out on here, even though it IS a part of my life. but this calls for a celebration, some serious acknowledgement!

today i decided to go on a bike ride for my work out. sounds easy enough right?  WRONG. boy does that work your legs!! and when i say work, i mean WORK!! i didn't think i was going to make it home! ha but isn't that the best feeling, when you're about to give up, hop off the bike and walk it the rest of the way home but then decide instead to catch your breath and carry on? feels amazing!

so although i don't have very many profound things to say today, i decided that i just needed to write. maybe it's for you too, but maybe it's just for me. maybe it's for the mere fact that it is liberating. that it gets the ball rolling, the mind thinking.

my mum and i went on a jog yesterday for a good solid hour and had an amazing conversation. and it got myself thinking {well, what doesn't do that really...} about how deep i really do think and read into things. a simple comment can send my head off into space spinning and wheels turning a million miles an hour, just on that one simple thing. i asked my mum, "could this be a bad thing? to want to know SO much. to wonder about everything, and to have an opinion on every single thing said or done?"

sometimes i feel like the lone wolf. like i'm the only one who really does that. the only one who wonders about the things that i wonder and ponders on the things that i do....there i go again! do you ever wonder that though?  i know we are all our own kind of weird. and that makes us , well US. so maybe that's my "weird" maybe that's what makes me, ME.

which i guess i can only be fine with. 

if you don't like something about yourself, change it. i've realized a few things about myself lately that really make me cringe! the way that i treat the people i love sometimes out of hurt, and the way that i view myself aside from the people around me. i've realized that you set the image inside your own mind. no one else really CARES to do that for you. anything you are feeling has been put there by yourself. you can either let the world put you down, or you can let it completely roll off your back and not let it phase you.


happiness it what it all comes down to. something that seems to be so simple, yet everyone in this world has the hardest time comprehending such a state of mind. it's sad really. to not be happy! what a sad way to live.

anyway, i've been fortunate enough to indulge myself in the sunniest of sunshine in CA for the past little while, talk about spoiled! so when UT decided to send a little showers it seriously surprised me! i was not used to it at all! but at the same time it was really refreshing and i actually really loved it.

so blake left for Indonesia yesterday for a whole 12 days! ahh he's on a surf trip, what a dream! and what an absolute babe! i love him. i really do love him. i am so stoked on him right now! i can't wait to see where this road leads:) he is one amazing man. and i am the luckiest girl alive! and i would be THEE luckiest to end up with someone as sick as him. duh!

anyway i think that's all the rambling i got for the day.
until next time lovers.

xoxo demi

Thursday, May 23, 2013

i was supposed to be home like seven days ago maybe? yup. leave it to me to find a way to still be here. i've seriously fallen in love with this place all over again. 
i mean i have always THRIVED on california. both parents were raised in SO Cal so it was always just engrained in me to love it.
but i seriously have gained a new love for it! all thanks to mah main man blakey blake. love that dude.
he makes coming out here so much fun. duh, he's the best.

plus, a total babe.

not to mention, i learned how to surf while i was out here by THE hottest instructor.
and how lucky that it so happened to be that babe up there!! ^^
he kills it at surfing. it is thee hottest thing in the world to watch him catch dem waves!
but besides how lucky i am, i seriously am in love with surfing. it is the best feeling in the world!
and i mean, IN THE WORLD! it's been my favorite thing i've done so far!
the feeling of getting up on a wave is like nothing else.

so funny story, i have always had this shark phobia. not like a typical cautious, "1 in a million" type thing. i have always felt like the 1 in that million was me. you get what i'm saying. basically i would bawl my eyes out even boating at the lake if i fell off the tube and got left for too long. i can't help but wonder what is swimming down below me! {as if there are sharks in a lake --dewey} it seriously freaks me out! but guess what? i actually over came that surfing yesterday at Doheny or as the locals would call it {DOHO} and it honestly didn't even phase me!!
before i knew it, i was more worried about paddling for my life, rather than anything in the water! HALLELUJAH. and i was actually able to learn how to surf!

blake's the cutest. i was SO excited to learn to surf, i couldn't even sleep the night before. when i woke up he goes, "babe, let's head over to the surf shop and pick out some cute wet suits for you to learn in:)" ahhhhh did i mention how lucky i am?! so attentive to my every need. seriously though. he is an absolute dream. 
so we headed on over to the local Jack's surf shop and picked out THEE cutest wet suits. grabbed our boards, and paddled out all day until the sun set. what a night. i am the luckiest girl alive.

although i stayed a week longer than planned, i am still not ready to leave! i love this place. i love adventuring with my babe out here. it honestly feels like a dream.
sometimes i have to take a step back and ask myself, "is this real life?"
"did i seriously just wake up to the babe of a lifetime, kiss him good morning, mmm. grab lunch at the yummiest of yums and head to the beach for a shred sesh?" it seriously makes me giddy at the thought of it all. at him. i'm so lucky and excited to see where this road leads too. 
for now, day by day. or as blake would say, "hour by hour"
life is great.
now off to a 10 hour road trip to UT in the new whip. at least i'll have my babe to accompany me!

xoxo demi

Sunday, May 19, 2013


after getting treated to a fantastic brunch at The Summer House in Corona Del Mar, Blake and i took a sunday stroll together along the beach. we walked the jetty together hand in hand and talked and laughed as we both struggled across the rocks. 

talk about a magical afternoon. could it get any better than that? loving this babe more and more every day that we spend together.

needless to say, it has been an amazing week once again here in newport. and an amazing sunday to end the trip with!

hope you all were able to enjoy yourselves this sabbath day as much as blake and i did!

until next time,

xoxo demi

Saturday, May 18, 2013

 photo 46533761-63a4-4d2f-992d-c0ba332c5cba_zps23c79069.jpg

it has been far, far too long!
i've missed you guys. a lot actually.

i can't really say that i have a good reason for being away for so long, which is kinda sad.
but i promise that from here on out, i will  be better at this whole thing!

i'm actually super SUPER excited!
i've done a little revamping here on my blog that i'm super stoked about!

nothing is even close to being finished, so please don't judge!
it's totally in the works and i still have a lot to do to make this page my very own!

but i'm excited to learn more about the html world as i explore it,
and be able to help the people who have asked me about the changes i have made here!

i really do want to be able to help you guys customize your blog the way you want it.
it really is so much fun! and there are endless options. i love it.

so, technically i guess that is a reason i haven't posted anything!
i've been doing research for my fellow love chuggs!


so there is that.

i've been in Newport all week searching for a car! oh my goodness....LONGEST and most draining process. maybe i don't want to grow up after all!

but needless to say, it was a cool experience and well, I BOUGHT MY VERY OWN CAR! and i am SO excited about it! she's a little beaut. and we have bonded very well so far :)

it just wouldn't feel right if i didn't give my main man Blake a proper shout out for the countless hours spent on the whole process of finding this cute lil thing! she is perfect for me! so,


you da you da best!!

well, i think that's all for now.
until next time....

xoxo demi