Tuesday, June 3, 2014

allow me to introduce you to:


AKA the next big thing {see what i did there..?}

I don't give blake NEAR enough credit for all that he does. i could form a massive list of all the man has going for him, but i won't.

Instead, don't mind as a brag about one of his latest accomplishments.

you're looking at worlds next level app discovery and monetization platform (excuse me, wha..?) 

I KNOW RIGHT..? blake gets the same reaction from me every other day. so here it is in what i've found to be the simplest form of an explanation, from yours truly;me. cause heaven knows anything too complex is just a waste of everyones time.

so you know all of those fun apps on your mobile devices? check. and you know when you are inside of that app and an advertisement decides to pop up right in the middle of whatever you are doing and interrupts? C H E C K! well, blake is the one that helps those annoying app developers blast those annoying ads your way       (thank you blake)

no but his company is all about improving the user ad experience.

so no really.. THANK YOU.

AFTERALL. he keeps all those apps we love and enjoy "free" to download.

so blake is to the app developer as the ad is to the app itself.

k a p e e s h?

Blake-->app developer-->ad-->$$$-->free apps-->everyone is happy.

you get the picture..

anyway, i'm pretty stoked for him. he just launched his website and we both are S O excited to see his hard work pay off.

and if everything i just poorly described went in one ear and out the other don't feel bad. i'm the girlfriend and i still ask him every day what he does..check the website anyway. it's pretty amazing!

Photography: Meeee

xx demi