Saturday, March 31, 2012

Friday, March 30, 2012


my friends and i were talking today about missions, and how weak this generation is when it comes to serving.
first of all, either you serve or you don't. MAKE UP YOUR MIND. i understand that it might be a hard thing...but if it were easy, what would be the point? there is nothing better than witnessing a young 19 year old boy leave his family, to serve the lord for 24 months of his life selflessly, and watching him return two years later, a 21 year old man. i'm so thankful for all of the young men of the church who are willing to serve. it not only blesses the people they serve, but it blesses their families, future spouse and family, and themselves. it helps you grow. it makes you become who you would want to be. it humbles yourself. it makes you realize what you have, and you are able to become so much more grateful. sure i haven't served, so i guess you could justify what i'm saying with something like, "you've never served, you don't know" BUT, i am able to say that i have witnessed the miracles a missionary is able to bring into a home.


a little over two years ago, i was able to witness the conversion of my dad. after years and years and YEARS of praying and fasting for my dad. it finally paid off. growing up, i thought it was normal having a non-member dad. my mom married my dad at the young age of 18 (yikes) in hopes that the missionary lessons my dad had been taking would eventually lead to my dad's conversion..when my dad gave up and ended up going back to his old ways, my mom lost it. she didn't know what to do. she wanted the best for her and her family and my dad hadn't gone through with his word to finish the discussions..what my mom hadn't realized, was that my dad needed certain humbling experiences and things to happen on his own time, and when it 'felt right' to come to the knowledge of it being true.20 years, 2 months, and 28 days after my parents were married the first time civilly, and this is a day my family and i will never forget.

'all we could do was cry'

it was on a sunday, i wish i could remember the exact date..probably around a month before his baptism, i woke up to my dad dressed for church..shocked, i asked him why the heck he was in church clothes...he gathered us all into the kitchen and sat us down. he began to tell us that during the night he had knelt down and prayed and prayed to find guidance in his life, to know what to do in order to feel peace, to feel loved, and to know what was best for his family. a little background on this, i had never had a conversation with my dad in my entire life. sure he was a fun loving guy that everyone loved! he was like a kid. he took us EVERYWHERE.he'd take us swimming, to get ice cream, to the movies, on vacations, to the toy store, everything he could to try to fill the void that was there without the common beliefs i along with my siblings shared with my mom. but eventually that ran out..he NEEDED to know what to do. so he asked. he began to finish telling us that he got his answer. that he felt the love of God for each and every one of us in our family, and that the most important thing to him was each and every one of us. it went from my sister, to me, to my brother mikey, down to the youngest dallin. an overwhelming sense of love filled my dads heart for each of us, and he knew what he had to do in order to be with each of us forever. 'all we could do was cry'. in the 16 years i had known my dad, i had never seen him cry. my dad was humbled. and i am so grateful for that.


the missionaries were called the next day, and my dad was baptized a month later on February 23, 2010. we were sealed as a family two years later on April 22, 2012. 


Thursday, March 29, 2012

it really is so crazy how quick people can change.
individually, and together.
i think back about people that i literally USED to know,
and how our relationship is now, and how much i know about them..or think i know,

and realize that i really DONT know them anymore.

and if we ever were to become friends again, it would be two completely different people,
meeting all over again.

kinda sad, but very true.
when you are IMPORTANT to another PERSON
that PERSON will always find a way to make time for you.

true beauty...learn it.

Wednesday, March 28, 2012

i've missed my friends!

mcklendon rockwell fox


joseph thomas sykes III

joey's house with the homies.

gives me the best feeling:)

definitely not the same without landon here though..miss you best friend. love you.

my good friend mcklendon rockwell fox and i


.LEMONADE. (NO MORE DR. PEPPER.. huge step for me)

the 7th day of M A Y.
 now THIS will be the day..
i am honestly SO excited for landon's birthday!!!

i keep almost slipping to him the surprises up my sleave...i've never been good with keeping those damn things to myself..curse curse curse.

i literally have to bite my tongue when i think about it, cause i want to just spill the beans already.

i can't believe he will be 20 YEARS crazy. 

i love him. i love him. i love him. duh. obvi.
.L A N D O N K A D E C H R I S T E N S E N.
my best friend is leaving me for 4 WHOLE DAYS. kill me..i hate having to part from this boy. he's my other half! looks like i'll be picking up any possible extra shifts this nothing else to do! ha just kidding..i'll probably play with the homies (mcklendon, joey, cass:)), play with morgan for a little bit and then go over to the christensen's home and play with my second family:) love them.

i think what i hate the most about having to part with landon, is that i hate the thought of something happening while he's gone. like getting in an accident, or waking up and realizing that what we said to each other, our last words, were the last thing we'd remember with each other.

i know it seems so gay, cause its only FOUR DAYS. come on girl..but in all reality..think if something WERE to happen. think if we got in a huge screaming yelling fight and said things we didn't mean, and then he left. and then something happened and i could never take it back or vice versa.

its kind of an eye opener actually...anything could happen any day. i think it is so stupid to get in a fight, leave, and not resolve things till the next day. you should never leave mad at each other. no matter what! because wanting to leave and get out of the situation is a defense mechanism that is so temporary. and you will regret it, especially if something bad were to happen to either of you.

its so important to do EVERYTHING out of love and respect. even when you disagree. if you truly loved someone, you would do EVERYTHING in your power to make sure things are right. to make sure the other person is happy and to make sure that no matter what happens, things are resolved. 'true love, never ends'. and as long as both of you are fighting for it, why should it have to?

the second one person stops working at it, is when you know its not meant to both should be giving 110%, 100% of the time.

alright i'm starting to ramble on and on..i get like this when landon leaves me...i start to over think and shizzz. ha NOT GOOD. breath in<------- breath out-------> welp! till next time.


Tuesday, March 27, 2012

RED is the color of an apple

ORANGE  is the color of an orange

YELLOW is the color of the beautiful sun, sun, sun

GREEN is the color of the grass and everything that grows
 and then theres...
BLUE for the sky
PURPLE that's a color that's fun, fun fun.

poor landon kade and his color blind self sees the colors as follows...







hAppy birthdAy to my fAvorite nigguh TROD!

Monday, March 26, 2012

my handsome, sexy boyfriend/best friend landon kade christensen:) ha i love him! he's such a happy boy. his smile makes my life.

 my very best friend l a n d o n k a d e and i.

listening to nothing but 

C O L D P L A Y lately.

and absolutely loving it. it's always given me the greatest feeling:)
pre-sumz shopping

this is only the me!
hells bracelets.

my new ERRY day summer backpack:)

new shadesss

i was thinking of being nice...
but then that wouldn't be fair to me, now would it.

im going to keep this short and sweet..but very blunt. cause that's who i am.

no one copied YOUR idea. don't try to make ME look like that bad guy to cover up YOUR psycho-ness..

to give you the honest truth, if i saw that you posted that picture, (which how the hell would i? i don't waste my time reading your hideous blog) i wouldnt have posted the damn fact i'm deleting it for THAT reason. why the hell would i want the same picture or post as you ever?

as for you copying me and my friends EXACT ideas..i'll take that as a form of flattery i guess?

take this to H E A R T...please.


.loves and snogs snitches.

Friday, March 23, 2012

W H A T it do?
<> <> <> <> <>
<> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <> <>

third term ended today. what a freaking RELIEF..don't ask me how i passed every class with A's and B's...its a m i r a c l e. for real. this week has been an interesting one.i catered my first wedding on tuesday, it was way fun actually..i love my job! i love what i do, who i work with. what could be better? landon and i had a really good talk on wednesday. love those:) yesterday i worked. and then landy came and picked me up on his new bike! it is honestly the hottest thing in the's a Yamaha V star 750. couldn't tell you one thing about it..ha other than it's hot, and 10 times hotter when he's on it. he is stoked on life right now. we're taking a ride all over town today and making a sick edit of our adventure! i am stoked! with motorcycles and warm weather comes SPRING! and with spring, comes spring fling. the dance is tonight. i'm going with my cute little brother, hannah goo, and my brothers friend. it should be way fun:)mikeys first dance/date awww. he's growing up!

speaking of warm weather, spring, motorcycles...i'm pretty sure we could add the word S U M M E R in there somewhere. it is so close to being here i can't even wait! i seriously have to do things to keep my mind off of it, cause i get so excited that i get side tract from what i'm supposed to be doing and thats not always the best....leading me to the countdown. 42 days left of school!!! that is honestly the best news in the world for me right now. so i decided that right after graduation i am going to move in with my best friends natalie anne tueller, and danny lynn julian to natty's house, and then in the fall i'll move into Alpine Village with my other best friend morgan sorenson. i am so stoked! life is so good right now it's like...weird. but so good obvi. freak i love my friends. i went on a pre-summer shopping spree yesterday before work with han and natty and got some cute stuffsss...i'll post up some pictures stat. color fest is this weekend that should be way fun. fuuuuuhh i have to sing in sacrament on sunday....KILL ME! i honestly haven't even decided what i'm singing yet, so this should be interesting. i love payday..for real. there is no better feeling than knowing that there is money being put into my account and i can spend spend spend however i please. i'm going off dr. pepper and back onto lemonade..mmm. had my first one yesterday in a while. tasted great.i need to get a new car. i'm sick of driving around a piece..maybe i will just get a scooter and cruise around with landon all summer. or i'll just kick it on the back of his bike. yup. sounds good to me. i ordered thee cutest swimsuit from VS last night. many more to come. i love summer. well..i think that's all for now. till next time snitches.

love, demi
what to do..what to do

i've been trying to decide for probably 5 months now, what to do with my's ridiculous. i just need to be a little spontaneous, pick a hairstyle, and DO IT! i'm down to these choices...

....these still give me no inspiration.
i'm helpless haha

Thursday, March 22, 2012

i want to go on an adventure...

with my best friend landon kade christensen.

i want to get L O S T.

drive for miles and miles and miles to nowhere....

just cause' we can.and we like to have fun:)

...come away with me...

AND i will....

                          .never stop.

                                                loving you.
.have yourself a VERY I N D I E 
S  U  M  M  E  R.