Wednesday, August 29, 2012

>>>>>living life in the fast lane>>><<-------<<


thats basically what landon and i do now'a'days.....seriously though. you wouldn't believe how much fun we have had together....lemme' just give a quick over view on our night last night following into today.

--got spray tanned at 11:30 at night, BUCK naked in the middle of street  ha ha 

--bunked it together over at miss weslie's.

--woke up at the crack of dawn, headed up to SLC.

--aired on the Daily Dish LIVE (landon, weslie, and i) to advertise for weslie's spray tan business.
·in a bikini. on live national television. embarrassing. but HILARIOUS.

then just hung out and literally just made each other laugh SO hard :) 

then he went golfing with his buddies......freak. i hate when he leaves me like that. ruins my night.
it got better though..
he calls me about a half hour later and says that he's sick of golfing and wants to go boating....
um. sickest boyfriend/best friend in the entire world :) so we boat. and surf. and laugh.


honestly. my life is so good right now.

i  honestly cannot believe how much is going right for me.

it is such a blessing from above! i've never been so happy in my life.

i must admit, i'm not usually one to credit people for my overall happiness.

i like to think that i am very capable of not letting the things around me affect my happiness, and that i am aware of the fact that my happiness is a choice and it comes from within.

but at the same time, when things seem to be going SO right. like, so right. so right that instead of just being able to be SO grateful and thanking the man above, you feel like you need an explanation for it, i guess i can't help but feel like there is a little special someone in my life that deserves a lot of the credit on this one...

i have a secret that i am currently hiding from EVERYONE. everyone except landon of course, and it is absolutely KILLING me inside! every where i go i just want to scream out, "GUYS, GUESS WHAT?" 

but..i guess that's what keeping a promise is..........fuss.(lands promised it would be worth it)

oh...and i just read this over and yeah...i most definitely am NOT PREGNANT if that's what all you snitches might have let come across your minds.

no, not pregnant, not even close! something SO good:) 

Monday, August 27, 2012

i CANNOT wait for fall...

yes for all the changing colors.

yes for the change in weather.

yes for all the festivities held at this time.

but, i would be lying if i didn't say that i'm most excited for the clothes that i can bust out and wear!


always a good feeling
▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲ ▲

i miss school.....
how embarrassing....someone who was SO ready to be done.
SO ready to grow up, move out, get a job.
and i want to go back...

my plan was to take a year long break and then apply at UVU and hopefully make my way to a degree, majoring in the field of therapy of some sort...

now i'm talking about cosmetology in january.....what the? random...

just sounds sort of fun. a good little career for a house mama one day.

stay at home mama, stay at home job. sounds ideal.

let's not get ahead of ourselves is only $17,000 for tuition.

except that's not ONLY anything...that is a lotta cash for this little girl to scrape up to go to school for just a year and a half and pray that it gets me somewhere in life.

and pray is what i shall do......
i want to be certain in whichever road i may choose.

wish me luck

till next time, 


Monday, August 20, 2012

a little glimpse of my paradise this past week or so........

Friday, August 17, 2012

according to the phone…

it's happened. 


as summer comes to an end..

it's time to reflect back on the good times this wonderful season brought to my loved ones and i.

 cousin time

 webcam pics with this killah


 san diego zoooooo

 beach on beach on beach.

 new boot swag. thanks landon:)

 new camera lens on my pentax.

 No. Cal

So. Cal

summer fest

twilight concerts

7 eleven runs

 peeps on peeps on peeps

summer steez

melted hair--ombre'


Monday, August 6, 2012

check out landons new edit that he surprised me with for my birthday.

amazing. in love.

it's been waaaaaay too long ladies and gents.

these passed couple of weeks have been soo cray cray!
like roller coaster cray.

last week was tres's birthdays {nat, danny, and i)
all in the span of 8 days.

we had a dinner at happy sumo with a ton of friends.
seriously, A TON. we overflowed our reservation of 20.
and we were still missing a good 10 people.

landon took me to the salt flats.
where we filmed for days.
and then he surprised me with an amazing birthday edit:)
in love babe. thank you.

we did some shopping at city creek.
and had an AMAZING dinner at stone ground.
best meal i've EVER eaten. seriously.

best birthday so far.

sunday was danny's birthday.
had cake and ice cream at mckenna's.
19! woot woot.


sunday evening was eventful, and very disappointing.
we'll leave it at that.

landon kade, i love you more than anything.
don't you forget it.