Monday, June 17, 2013

i'm missin my main girl nat attack.

i swear if anyone has ever felt like they are on the same wavelength as another human being before, it's my girl natalie jill anne tueller and i..

i honestly truly believe in the least lesbian sounding way, when you spend as much time together as her and i have, each one of your guys's energy literally becomes in sync! most of the time neither of us even have to open our mouth and say a word to each other, we can honestly communicate and understand what each other is going through without using words! ha ha

it's honestly crazy, a little creepy at times, but i am so grateful for it. i'm grateful for a friend that even though we haven't been spending as much time together, still knows exactly what is going on in my life, down to my very current thoughts and feelings about things, and people.

best friends ferrrr life yo. for real though. love you jilly, miss you like mad. xx p.s. i kinda miss laughing really hard, too

xoxo demi


  1. Hey..question: how did you position your welcome image and whats a good site to learn basic blog stuff?
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  2. I just saw this!! Thanks so much sis:) Love and miss you too!!! COMMMME HOOOOOOOME.