Monday, July 16, 2012

to my baby girl wes..


  1. The action or practice of meditating: "a life of meditation".

Meditation is a practice of concentrated focus upon a sound, object, visualization, the breath, movement, or attention itself in order to increase awareness of the present moment, reduce stress, promote relaxation, and enhance personal and spiritual growth.

this post goes out to my main mama weslie christensen.

a couple of months ago i was over at her cute little home talking to her about how stressed out i was feeling with life as of late...

we sat there talking for a good solid three hours picking apart everything going through 

my head. my thought process for feelings i had been feeling and the reasoning behind 

them. (not only is she amazing at anything and EVERYTHING she does, but she holds many

 hidden talents such as, "therapeutic intuit" per say...)  lets just say this is not the first 

time that i have gone to this pretty lady for advice. 

she may not know this, but she honestly cured my soul of every trouble i had been feeling.

how? might you ask....

well, after talking all night and still finding myself confused as ever, i was just about getting ready to leave when i commented on how great she looked (this little lady had popped out a beautiful child about 6 months prior to this conversation, and you wouldn't believe for a second that she could possibly be the mother of two children already!)

she began telling me that every morning before the babes would wake up, she would find 5 to as much as 30 minutes to lock herself in her closet and solely meditate. and that ever since then, she had felt so much better about herself, that it literally started to show! CLEARLY.

now, of course she is definitely not one who needed any type of physical change, but what truly changed was her sanity inside that clearly had shown through to the outside.

since then, i have given myself a little more time each morning to just think. to pray, to ponder about well, EVERYTHING. i never RUSH. i wake up with enough time to be able to think to myself before the craziness of life sets in.

and let me just tell you, IT WORKS.

never in a 18 years have i felt so confident in myself, believed that the people around me do truly love me the way they say they do. and never have i ever felt so sure about my decisions. there is no doubt in my mind, that when you take those few minutes to just THINK, about anything and everything, you will be able to begin to understand yourself on a whole different level and be able to trust yourself and believe in yourself, leading you to feel 100% better about yourself.

there is such thing as sanity within trials and confusion! thank you wes for teaching me that.....

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  1. aweee my darling demi! i just loved this! it warmed my soul to know something ive said has hit home to you. love you boo boo