Monday, August 27, 2012

i miss school.....
how embarrassing....someone who was SO ready to be done.
SO ready to grow up, move out, get a job.
and i want to go back...

my plan was to take a year long break and then apply at UVU and hopefully make my way to a degree, majoring in the field of therapy of some sort...

now i'm talking about cosmetology in january.....what the? random...

just sounds sort of fun. a good little career for a house mama one day.

stay at home mama, stay at home job. sounds ideal.

let's not get ahead of ourselves is only $17,000 for tuition.

except that's not ONLY anything...that is a lotta cash for this little girl to scrape up to go to school for just a year and a half and pray that it gets me somewhere in life.

and pray is what i shall do......
i want to be certain in whichever road i may choose.

wish me luck

till next time, 


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