Thursday, October 25, 2012

right on time...

it's so intriguing how mysterious God works in our lives. and WHO he uses to work through ..

just today i received an email from a sweet old classmate that i have literally maybe spoken to just a few times in my entire life.

i would not consider us to be best friends, neither would i say that we even truly know each other...

besides those facts, what i do know, is this girl is the definition of integrity. here's the email i received from her........

"hi demi,
i know this is really random and we have probably maybe only talked twice in our lives but lately i have been reading your blog and i love it. i actually wanted to say sorry because, whether you knew it or not, i used to say really rude things about you and i totally judged you. i learned that you are not the girl i judged you to be and that i never should have said said any of those things. i was mostly just jealous of the perfect life i thought you had and how happy you always seemed to be. anyway i'm sorry for judging you and for how really random this is but thank you for your blog posts they are amazing."

what a great example of someone who truly understands the atonement, and is so in tune.
someone who is honest with themselves, and others, even when no one is watching. and someone who genuinely cares.

thank you so much for such a sweet email, you'll never understand how much that meant to me, i could not have received that at a more perfect time.  and not only that, but for teaching me that i can always be a little bit better. you know who you are. you are an amazing example, keep it up.


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  1. this is truly touching. god works in the most mysterious of ways in bringing people back together someway or another. i love this! so cute!