Friday, January 4, 2013


scrolling through your blog thinking....."why the H did i write some of the things i did? post THAT picture? THAT quote? swear SO much in that post? the mother of all words? c'mon......."

and then think, "i should probably delete the entire thing and start over. new me, new blog."

so it's go to delete EVERYTHING. all of your hard work and creativity. all the memories.

you fight yourself on it for a good solid hour, re-scrolling through everything 5 or 6 times crying because of not only how much time was spent on each post, but all of the feelings and memories attached to each and every thing you've ever posted.

and well, you just can't do it..

i know some of the things on my blog at some point have maybe been a little offensive. maybe even a little spiteful at times......

but there are also posts on here that depict some of my most fondest memories and some of my most favorite most loved people in the world. 

is it possible to fall in cyber love? i think i just did......

anyway, maybe one day i'll work up the guts to do it. because i have such good ideas for a new blog that i want to do, that it will just have to be worth writing new fun memories about new exciting people and letting the past go. part of growing up i guess right?


it's been a long week. time to enjoy yourselves.....

xoxo demi


  1. funny thing. i was doing the exact same mind game this morning. keep your blog. i love it. the good and the bad make it unique.

  2. thanks baby girl! love you! so kind of won't let me follow your blog. i've tried for days...