Wednesday, November 28, 2012


these are the conversations coop and i have....could it get any better? ha probably not. 



<3 <3 <3
;) ;) ;)

:* :*

hahaha i miss you!! and it's only been a day :'( :'( :'(

I miss you! ( in abbys little cute voice ) :) Lets play.

haha okay duh:) 6 pm sharp! don't bail.

6 pm!!! what!

we're playing at 6:)

you work?

yeah, till 6!

listen to radial face - Welcome home

dude, been there. done that! haha
i got songs for you for DAYS.

I love this song.
Better than this? come at me bro

listen to mumford and sons--little lion man
right now

I gotta listen to this first. i almost get into tears when i hear. Dont ask me why

oh my's so bomb! haha you're so cute. radical face is bomb. mumford and sons, bon iver, the lumineers, all bring me to tears. EVERY time.
and birdy
i'll text a huge long list of songs for you to listen to

haha what is happening to me!!!!
KK :)

but go listen to little lion man!
tell me what you think


also listen to bon iver--holecene it makes me cry everytime...
hahhahah no! lion man!
little lion man

I am :) 5 seconds in
Been here. Heard that. hah :)
It just told me to rape myself....

haha stop! go listen to bon iver--can't make you love me

and say F word...
But i already love you?

hahaha thanks:) but listen! you'll love!

Piano is killin it


Cant do it...

can't do what?

Its to slow. and his voice.. im sorry!!

listen to bon iver--michicant
or the lumineers--stubborn love

im too stuck on this radial face.
PS did you see the ring around the moon last night?!?!?!??!?!

listen to mumford and sons--white blank page
hahahahha ahhhhhh i'm falling in love with you!!!! yes:) beautiful!!

I was blown away!! it was crazy!! plus greg saw a ufo :O

hahahah don't even act!

He like flipped out. so i beleive him ha

hahah i love you...kay i have work! see you at 6:)
KK loves

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