Friday, April 27, 2012

{the best friend and i}

this sweetie came over last night around 9:30 on HER weekend (she doesn't have school on friday's) with all of her stuff to sleepover cause i was needing a friend last night bad. i called her and she new instantly what i needed, all she said 5 seconds into the phonecall was, "i'm grabbing my food to go and i'll be right over!" sure enough, she was over in a sweet. i love her.
we laughed so hard and talked and talked....and talked for days! finally fell asleep around midnight and then woke up and she came to school with me :) she's the best! THAT'S a best friend for you right there..

we ditched first, CLASSIC and got breakfast.

went to P.E. sat there and then wondered what the heck we were doing in there and bailed.

now we're in study hall bloggin it up together.

love my best friend.

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