Monday, April 30, 2012

do you not understand how perfect this girl is? 
do you HONESTLY feel like YOU could do better?
do you seriously think you are worth it to her, 
enough that you can lie, hide, and control her?
no. and i know you know that.
so why?
seriously tell me why on Gods green earth you think you can
do whatever the hell you want and expect her to come back to you
once you've realized your stupidity.
grow up, and realize what you have!
seriously GOLD.
good luck finding that ANYWHERE else in any of the sleeze bags you've hit!
you think you're cool? you think you're funny?
do you like the constant chase?
do you like making people feel less than you?
we all know you're insecure,
but how dare you try to bring someone SO above you, down
just to make you feel better.
you're the bastard i knew i'd have to hate.
you lost the best thing that could have happened to you, for good this time.
screw you.

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