Tuesday, May 8, 2012


so yesterday was my boo, landon kade's 20th birthday! so crazy...i can't believe he is already 20. poor kid has to deal with someone two years younger than him, stupid high school drama here and there, and a lot of my emotional break downs from the stress school and teachers and all that fun jazz can bring. he's a pretty sensitive kid himself though, so it all works out :) don't worry babe, 13 days left of this hell hotel us kids call 'high school' A N Y W A Y... yesterday was a pretty fun day! after school land came and picked me up, and we went up to city creek and did a little window shopping because landon refused the thought of buying him anything....little did he know, i had already done a little pre shopping for him myself. didn't get out of that one! ;) then after that we made reservations at La Caille for dinner (shoot babe...we never canceled it ha) and then decided we wanted franks...found out they were closed (what 5 star restaurant is closed on a monday?..) so we settled for olive garden since it was down the street and we were both STARVING. after dinner we headed back to landons and watched a movie, opened presents and snuggs down. it was way fun! love spending time with my best friend every day all day :) he's the greatest. i love him. happy birthday landon :)

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